Teksun Corporate Overview 2014

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Teksun Microsys Corporate Overview 2014

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  • Product Design Services & Solutions Teksun Microsys Pvt. Ltd. CIN : U72200GJ2014PTC079468 Corporate Overview 2014 Product Design Services & Solutions
  • Teksun Product Engineering Services 2 Teksun Confidential Automotive Product Development Mobile Application Development Product Design Services & Solutions Company with 4 years of successful track record in offering Product Engineering Services Automotive Product Development Custom Ignition Coil Driver Custom Injector Drivers CDI Units Sequential Gas Injection System Mobile Application Development Android Default Application (Contact , Log , Message , Notification etc.)Customization Apple i-os Advanced Call Logger Nokia Symbian GSM Maps Application Hardware Design Service Atmel , Microchip , TI , NXP, Freescale, ST SD & HD Video ADC/DAC Audio ADC/DAC 10/100 Ethernet Embedded Software Services Firmware and diagnostics Enhancement of BSP Customized API development RTOS - Embedded Linux and VxWorks Boot loaders (Uboot, Bootstrap, UBL) Linux Kernel Programming Android Framework Customization Tizen Application Programming
  • Embedded Expertise Snapshot 3 Teksun Confidential Automotive Engine Management Power Train Lighting control Infotainment Body Electronics Vision Control Industrial Systems SCADA Development HMI & Process Control Motor Control Temperature Sensor Modbus & other Buses PLC I/O Module Consumer Electronics Home Automation System NVR & STB Consumer Audio & Video Portable Electronics Android Tablet Streaming Media Application Development Android Apple Nokia Symbian Blackberry Nokia Windows Java, VB.Net, C# Application Testing
  • Embedded Hardware Design services 4 Teksun Confidential TI C6000 Series DSP, DaVinci Video Processors, OMAP Processors, ARM9, ARM11, Strong ARM Processors (TI, Atmel, NXP,PowerPC (G3, G4), ColdFire, and iMX Processors, Intel IXP/IXC/IXF series of Network Processors, AMCC and PMC- Sierra Processors an chipsets Xilinx / Altera FPGA and CPLD devices, MSP430 Series, Stellaris Cortex M3, TI C2000 and Piccolo Freescale 8-32 bit Microcontroller, ColdFire, DSC, Kinetics ARM, Atmel ATMega, ATTiny Microchip 8-32 bit Microcontrollers, DSPIC, NXP LPC, ARM and Cortex Microcontrollers Processor Architectures & Microcontrollers PCI (32b/64b@33/66MHz), PCI-X, cPCI, VME, IDE, SCSI, iSCSI, PCMCIA, SDIO, UART, RS232, RS485, IrDA, I2C, I2S, USB (1.1 and 2.0 High Speed), IEEE1394, Bluetooth, IR, RF (433MHz and 2.4GHz), Legacy Peripherals and Custom interfaces for devices like RFID Reader/Writer, IR Keyboard Video interfaces such as CCIR601, CCIR656, HDMI TCP/IP Stack, RF based protocols including Zigbee/SimplicTI, Automotive bus protocols including CAN, LIN and K-Line, Serial communication protocols such as MONDBUX, Weigand protocol included in biometrics. Communication & Buses 10/100 Ethernet, Gigabit Ethernet, GMII, XGMII, XAUI, POS-PHY Level3, POS-PHY Level4, SPI-4, SFI-4 Flash, SDRAM, DDR-SDRAM, DiskOnChip, CompactFlash High-Speed Communication Interfaces & Memory Device Interfaces SD & HD Video ADC/DAC, Audio ADC/DAC, SD/HD Video Decoder and Encoder, Generic high speed ADC/DAC, V/F, F/V, PLL Low Noise Switching Power supplies, LDO Regulator designs, Extremely low power and battery operated designs Analog Interface & Power Supply
  • Embedded Software Design services 5 Teksun Confidential Microcontroller ( TI, NXP, Atmel , PIC, Freescale) Microprocessor ( TI Sitara, TI 6467, TI 8148, TI 8168, Broadcom, Freescale ) Firmware and Diagnostics Boot Code development, Board Bring up Boot loaders, Firmware and diagnostics routines RTOS, Firmware development for 8 to 32 bit microcontroller File Systems, Enhancement of BSP software for specific boards Device drivers, Customized API development for specific customer needs Middleware API development, C Code porting onto specific DSP, Optimized (DSP) C code to DSP assembly code, Porting of Applications onto different operating systems BSP Embedded Linux, Thread X, Nucleus VxWorks, pSOS, WinCE, QNX RTOS RF Zigbee, Dash 7, SimpleTI, Opentag. WiFi 802.11 a/b/n Drivers Proprietary Wi-Fi Mesh Stack Wireless
  • Application Development services 6 Teksun Confidential Application Development OS Customization Android Porting Android Application Development Apple Symbian Windows Java Nokia Java VB.Net C# GUI
  • Companys Process Culture 7 Requirement Gathering & Feasibility Study Hardware Software Design & Verification Hardware Assembling & Software Development BSP porting, Application Testing with Hardware Deployment & Support
  • Companys Process Culture Cont. 8 Teksun Facebook Page www.facebook.com/teksunmicrosys Teksun LinkedIn Page www.linkedin.com/company/teksun WiKi (Teksun Wiki Page) www.wiki.teksun.in Support System (24x7 Online Support) www.support.teksun.in BTS (Mantis Bug Tracker) www.bts.teksun.in TPMS (Teksun Project Management System) www.tpms.teksun.in Teksun Website www.teksun.in
  • Our Embedded Capabilities 9 Embroidery Head Controller Electronics Cigarette Tester RFID Animal Tracking System RFID Asset Tracking System BTLE Reader Steam Trap Monitoring System Two Stroke Engine Wi-Fi Mesh Networking NVR (Network Video Recorder) IPTV Solution using Raspberry Pi zWave based Home Automation Portable Broadcasting Solution WIFI Application On Friendly ARM Board Home Automation Systems
  • Our Products 1 0 Petrol to Gas Change Over Switch Digital Change Over Switch Lamda Control System Lambda Scanner CKP Advancer Fuel Level Correctors Timing Advance Processor (5x2) Timing Advance Processor (3x2) Timing Advance Processor (2x2) ECU Communication Cable Sequential Injection System Gas Pressure Sensors Injector Drivers Ignition Coil Drivers CNG/LPG Emulator
  • Animal Tracking System 11 Product Description A system is designed to track animals in different zones. It is the real time location system. Using RSSI parameter, find location of asset in defined area. Using windows GUI or Android Application, we can see its location. Product Features TI CC430 RF SoCs, RSSI Measurement, 433MHz Antenna Technology RF 433MHz, Simplici-Ti stack, DASH7, OpenTag RTOS
  • Network Video Recorder 12 Product Description Network video recorder (NVR) is designed for recording IP cameras at single location. This is a centralize device for premises to record all cameras capturing. Recording is also configurable for each camera. Admin person can configure this device over browser. Admin panel is designed to configure and control NVR. Product Features NVR is capable to receive 16 video streams. NVR having 2 SATA ports and 16 high speed Ethernet ports. Admin can configure SATA either as RAID device or stand-alone SATA ports. Recorded files can be viewed live over RTST, download option is given over SAMBA. All this operations are authentication. Technology Marwell PHY switch is used with AM3358 and 1 GB RAM. HTML and JS based web interface developed for admin panel. 1 16 N V R Ethernet 100 Mbps Ethernet 1 Gbps
  • Asset Tracking System 13 Product Description A system is designed to track physical assets using their codes for car workshops. It is the real time location system. Using RSSI parameter, find location of asset in defined area. Using windows GUI Application, we can see its location. Product Features TI CC430 RF SoCs, RSSI Measurement, 433MHz Antenna Technology RF 433MHz, Simplici-Ti stack, DASH7, OpenTag RTOS
  • Wi-Fi Mesh protocol 14 Product Description This is our proprietary protocol. We have developed this stack for ST and TI micro- controllers as well as Freescale and TI s SoC like iMX6 and AM3358. This protocol can work with specific Wi-Fi SoC. Teksun has also developed this design for various micro controllers like STM32 and Kinetic with Broadcoms Wi-Fi SoC. Product Features Provides maximum connectivity between Wi-Fi nodes. This helps in home automation and industrial gadget where multiple routers need to be setup for high network connectivity. Our Mesh protocol helps to reduce router dependency for communication. We have delivered this protocol for many home-automation products Internet
  • 16 Channel DVR 15 Product Description 16 channel Digital video recorder. This product is designed for one of US customer. 16 channel is maximum capacity. Device has composite-IN connector to connect digital cameras. HDMI and composite display are supported to view live capturing of cameras. 2x2, 4x4, 1x8 mosaic display supported. Cameras maximum resolution is D1, it can also be configured lower than this. Product Features Display mosaic is the most important feature of this product. It also provides live video streaming of each camera for maximum one session. Technology TI-8168 SoC used for this purpose. 4 TVP5158 decoder chip and SI9022a for HDMI out is used. Admin configurable panel is designed using HTML and Java Script. 1 16 D V R Composite input Ethernet 1 Gbs
  • Android customizat