Technology Tools for Librarians: Slidecast

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Music by Buze Julien (Creative Commons)


1.Valerie Hill / Valibrarian Gregg c2008 Tech Tools for Librarians2. Collaboration Library Services Multi-media and Presentations Personal Learning Tools for a Variety of Purposes 3. I can't keep up with emerging technology alone!Tools for librarians make sharing easier than ever. Tools for Collaboration 4. Trend is Global Collaboration and Personal User Connection Convenience trumps Quality Sharing trumps Privacy Be where the users are.~Roy Tennant, TLA 2008 5. Social Networking Have you signed up for Ning? 6. Learn from other librarians through blogging. Blogs 7. Try Sharing tags 8. Collaborate in Virtual Worlds Real-time collaboration across the globe. 9. Avatars Second Life Sitepal Whyville Create your virtual identity forcommunication in new modes. 10. Discover the power of the wiki ALA Conference Wiki makes finding information simple. 11. Twitter Shared documents (Google docs) Flickr and Picasa Slideshare More Collaboration Tools 12. Tools for Library Services Unleash the power of Google and more...Bring Google to your library with Google documents, spreadsheets, igoogle and Google custom search engines. 13. Limit hits to websites that you choose! Ethridge Google Search 14. Get your own Google Kids today are plugged in and connected to the world- everywhere but at school. We unplug them when they come in. ~Alan November, TLA 2008 15. Dreamweaver or Moodle Schoolweb Library Websites 16. Research Bookmarks NetTrekker Noodlebib and Citation Machine Digital collections Online Databases and Weblinks 17. Interactive boards (Smart, Promethean) CPS (Classroom Performance System) Online virtual worlds (Whyville, Vivaty, Lively, Second Life) Gaming More Tools for Library Services 18. Tools for Multi-media and Presentations Online Tools 19. FRAPS (for machinima) Zamzar (video file conversion) Zoho (online office tools) Yousendit (send large files) Wink (screen capture) Voicethread (image stories) Internet Archive (archive AV) More Tools for Presentations 20. Provide information from 2 sources combined into content not available at either original source. Mashups and repurposing 21. Join the Push-Pull Information literacy is moving toward apush technologyinstead of apull technology . ~Joyce Valenza, TLA 2008 22. File organization techniques Archival techniques Storage and transfer RSS Blogs Attitude! Tools for Personal Learning 23. "We have the power to learn, unlearn and relearn."Charlie Nelms