SXSW 2014 Proposal: Best Practices or Data?

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More often than not, experienced UX teams have a good idea which design is best. But how to prove it? A lot of design best practices are piecemeal, based on common wisdom, anecdotes, or a qualitative study here to there. To really make smart design decisions (and make the case with clients or management), teams need more meaningful data about what works and what doesn't. The problem may not be a lack of data, but a lack of consistent metrics that actually connect up with the design of the site. Taking best practices for carousels, scrolling, and icons as examples, this session will use a combination of quantitative and qualitative data from recent large-scale competitive studies to identify designs that have the most impact. Please vote here:

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  • 1. Best Practiceor Data? change sciences SXSW 2014 Pamela Pavliscak | @paminthelab Best Practices or Data?

2. Which should you use to make your designs better? 3. 3 Big Questions Carousels Scrolling Icons 4. Should you use a carousel? 5. tools like carousels are used to keep everyone from beating the shit out of each other. -Brad Frost 6. Scroll or No? 7. People tell us they hate scrolling, but their actions say something else. -Jared Spool 8. Icon or Word? GAMES 9. Ill have to tell [my mom] at that point to search for some icon that looks like a trash can or an X or something. -Tony Gines 10. What does the data say? 11. Results from 250+ sites 10,000 people 12. How do we use data without losing the insights? 1 13. How do we put big data and small-batch studies together? 2 14. How can we connect it all up to the user experience? 3 15. Answers from real projects combining competitive intelligence, strategy, & ux. 16. Thanks! Pamela Pavliscak | @paminthelab Vote Here