South Florida HDI Event Fusion 12 Sneak Peek September 20, 2012

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The Analyst of the Year and Desktop Support Technician of the Year awards are an amazing opportunity and honor for our chapter and for the eventual winner who will represent the South Florida HDI chapter. The winners will also compete at the HDI Southeast regional level.

Text of South Florida HDI Event Fusion 12 Sneak Peek September 20, 2012

  • 1. Fusion 12 Sneak Peek South Florida HDI Chapter September 20, 2012
  • 2. Agenda1:00 PM Registration and Networking1:30 PM Welcome and Event Overview1:45 PM Keynote 1 Mike Kublin2:30 PM Break2:45 PM Keynote 2 - Doug Tyre3:45 PM Closing Announcements, Surveys & Raffle prizes4:00 PM Happy Hour at Carolina Ale House 8669 NW 36 Street, Doral, Florida 33166
  • 3. HDI Team Certified New level of recognition for support teams with at least 80% of staff certified by HDI Yearly award includes recognition in HDI publications and a crystal award to display on-site Application fee of $150 collected after team qualification has been verified Registration available at Contact your account manager or the Customer Care Center for assistance Watch for more information in upcoming mail, newsletters, and emails
  • 4. Customer Service Week October 3, 2012 | 11 a.m. 3 p.m. EDT Join us for some motivating, rewarding, and fun-filled activities to boost morale, motivation, and teamwork! This is a complimentary online event for HDI members, guests, and the industry at large Register at
  • 5. FUSION 12 Conference & Expo itSMF USA and HDIs annual event kicks off this year in Dallas, TX, from October 2931! FUSION 12 features fantastic pre-conference workshops, incredible keynote speakers, spectacular networking opportunities, and super informational sessions As HDI members, you save $200 on your FUSION 12 registrations, and an additional $300 if youre conference alumni Register at
  • 6. The HDI Buyers Guide Is Now Open! HDI is thrilled to announce the launch of the brand-new HDI Buyers Guide, aimed at helping guide products and services to the people who need them Enter comments, provide feedback, and rate the featured products Visit
  • 7. $100+ $1000+ $79 Conferences, events and Online resources, webinars, Research Corner, whitepapers Training discounts $240 Value $75Focus Book Series and AnnualPractice and Salary Report Local Chapter Membership $165 $100 (only for today)
  • 8. Thank you to our Sponsors!
  • 9. Rock Stars!!! How do you recognize and show appreciation to your employees? What makes an employee go above and beyond?
  • 10. South Florida HDIThanks go to the following Lynn Johnson VP of Programs Yleana Franco VP of Sponsorship Tony Di Perna VP of Membership Eddy Fuente VP of Finance Albert Noa Strategic Advisor Tony Alvarez VP of Communication
  • 11. Volunteer?
  • 12. Mike KublinMichael W. Kublin is the founder and President of PeopleTek,Inc, aleadership coaching and development company specializing inhelping leaders, teams, and organizations thrive by having thecourage and commitment to lead, plan, and communicate withconfidence.PeopleTek specializes in enabling technicians, professionals, andtheir teams to examine their behaviors and determine what is / isnot effective and to identify what may be inhibiting desiredresults. By examining behaviors, leveraging preferred styles, andby removing fear from leadership, organizational growth occursand results improve..
  • 13. Becoming a Transformational IT Leader Taking leadership to new levels . . . Michael W. Kublin President, PeopleTek Presented to HDI South Florida Chapter
  • 14. Session Objectives . . .Learn why the mindset of IT professionals must bechanged from transactional to transformational; learnthe essential 5 Ps and why everyone is a leaderUnderstand the importance of self reflection,customer needs, and thinking strategicallyIdentify at least one action item youll immediatelyimplement to transform your leadership style andbehaviors
  • 15. ICE BREAKER Im A Rare FindI am the (circle one: first, middle, youngest) sibling in myfamily.To pass the time I like to:I think most people are:Other people describe me as:Our world would be a better place if only people would:I work because:A true friend is:My 2nd job/career would be:I wish I could change:When I am not working, I like to:
  • 17. Please Stand If Youre A Leader
  • 18. Transforming IT; its a Process Not an Event!Start by answering:What business are you in?Who are your customers?What services do you or could you provide?What do you want your department to be known for?What strategic alliances do you want?Where do you want to take you, or your organization in the next 3-5 years?
  • 19. Rate your organization: score 1-5, 5 = always1.We are equally concerned about long term planning and day to day problems and annoyances.2.We invest in new technology, processes, training, and tools rather than save the budget for next year.3.We have clearly defined vision, mission, goals and roles.4.We hold ourselves and others accountable to high performance standards.
  • 20. Rate your organization: score 1-5, 5 = always5. We facilitate teams and develop a trusting atmosphere in our organization.6. We are not afraid of conflict and deal with difficult conversations with customers, staff and peers rather than avoiding the situation.7. We foster the culture to be a learning organization that admits mistakes freely.8. We train and reward our staff based on meeting the vision, mission and goals of our organization, and for driving business innovation and profitable outcome.
  • 21. Which Is More Important? 1.Technical skills 2.Leadership skills
  • 22. Moving towards Transformational LeadershipChanging The IT Leaders Mindset- R Chatham and Brian Sutton Deliver competitive advantage Member of elite which transforms business thinking License to decide Deliver New Needs: getting collaborative to deliver program License to thrive Deliver Business Benefit enabling a partnership and contributes to business thinking License to influence Deliver Day to day needs this is transactional License to exist
  • 23. Which Level Are You At? 1. License to decide 2. License to thrive 3. License to influence 4. License to exist (What about your organization?)
  • 24. LEADERSHIP IS LIKE ARTWORK Pollack vs. Michelangelo
  • 25. 5 Ps For Leadership Success: 1. Passion 2. Planning 3. Persistence 4. Profit 5. People
  • 26. PASSION . . .Love what you doKnow what you excel atWhere do you feel you add the most value?Market your strengths and minimize anddevelop your weaknessesEstablish steps and a timeline
  • 27. PLANNING . . . Vision Mission Goals Measures Behaviors
  • 28. DOCUMENT YOUR PLAN . . . People who have goals achieve far more than those who dont, and those who have written goals achieve the most of all. --Robert McGarvey Make a commitment!