Social Media to Watch: Instagram and other photo apps

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Instagram is a fast and easy way to transform a cellphone photo into something unique and share it with friends and/or the world. For years it has been an iPhone-only app; however, as it launches on Android phones it will certainly grow in popularity. Learn about this popular app, and similar apps, and bring your mobile photography to the next level.


  • 1.Presenter: Diana SilveiraNovare Library Services

2. 30 million users Android & Apple Apps Recently bought for$1 BILLION byFacebook 3. Take a new orexisting photoSelect a FilterClick the GreenCheckmarkShare! 4. Image: Wikimedia Commons Jessica Zollman 5. Social Media Instagram Community EmailInstagram Privacy Setting:Photos Public or Private 6. TogglesExit toBordershome Rotate Blur BrightenHide/Expand 7. Share and Tag! Write captions Allow comments @ the Library GeoTag 8. Using Other Apps: PicFrame (Apple) Diptic (Apple & Android) Photoshake (Apple & Android) PhotoGrid (Android) 9. Crop Rotate Adjust Color Add Effects* Android & AppleTiramisu from Francesos in Maitland - Yum 10. Take multiple shots of a group Easily choose best faces and appintegrates them into your photo$.99 11. Photo: Creative Commons Mr T - 12. Take 20 sec video Select pics Select Filters/Edit Publish your own gif 13. Edit Thin, Remove Acne Add Accessories 14. Apple CamWow: Fun with filters PhotoForge2: Editing (w/ layers) SnapSeed: Editing/Filters and moreAndroid Retro Camera: Vintage camera effects Picasa Tool Pro: Edit, Manage, Upload to your Picasa HDR Camera+: Allows for HDR settingsBoth Fast Camera: Open App for pics in a hurry PocketBooth: Old School Photo Strips Paper Camera: Sketch Effects view while you shootNote most of these cost between $.99 - $1.99 15. Shutterfly Facebook Camera Dropbox Picasa (Android) 16. Most photo sites default to Public Tag- but let people know GeoTag with caution Authenticating with Facebook? Change sharing option to Only Me Turn off other options 17. Snapdish, 360 Panorama, Camera+ 18. Diana