Social media case study: Telefónica

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Telefnica European social media strategy case study. Social media agency FreshNetworks describes working with Telefnica across 5 European countries to develop a consistent social media strategy.


<p>Slide 1</p> <p>Telefnica Europe </p> <p>European social media </p> <p>strategy</p> <p>We helped Telefnica Europe evaluate their use of social </p> <p>media across Europe.</p> <p>We also helped them develop a consistent strategy for </p> <p>social media in multiple European markets and created a </p> <p>framework for measuring value from social media.</p> <p>We worked with teams in the UK, Ireland, Germany, Slovakia </p> <p>and the Czech Republic to develop a consistent approach to </p> <p>social media, while still allowing each individual market a </p> <p>degree of flexibility.</p> <p>We held in-depth strategy sessions with senior level </p> <p>decision makers to ensure stakeholder buy-in and enable </p> <p>roll-out of the strategy from the top down in each market. </p> <p>Were also providing training for 29,000 staff, with a view to helping resource social media moving forward.</p> <p>Since working with Telefnica Europe weve developed and embedded a common approach to social media that focuses </p> <p>on the areas of value relevant to each local market.</p> <p>Weve also developed internal communities of practice to allow better sharing and collaboration between countries </p> <p>and teams working on social media.</p> <p>We are implementing guidelines, policies and a framework </p> <p>to ensure that Telefnica Europe can measure social media </p> <p>activity against their key strategic goals, helping to prove </p> <p>ROI from social media. </p> <p>As a result, FreshNetworks is now Telefnica Europes retained social media agency for all group-sponsored social </p> <p>media projects and programmes.</p> <p>Our European social media strategy development, </p> <p>led by FreshNetworks, has brought much-needed </p> <p>Social Media expert advice and experience. They </p> <p>have come up with a measurable, sustainable social </p> <p>media strategy and were looking forward to working with them on social media across Europe </p> <p>over the coming months.</p> <p>Director of Customer Experience, </p> <p>Telefnica S.A</p> <p> Copyright FreshNetworks 2011</p>


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