Social Media Case Study: Android Mobile Platform

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Social Wavelength analyzed conversations on social media about popular smartphone brands and compared them, in order to understand how people perceive them and what factors drive these conversations.

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  • 2. Introduction Indiaisoneofthelargestmobilephonemarketsintheworld,havingauserbase of 929 million as of August, 2012 and one of the fastest growing, too. The countryaccountsformorethan10%oftheworldsmobilepopulation.Moreand more people are opting for smartphones in this beehive of opportunities, as thesepowerfulmachinesareprovidingbetterfeaturesatlesserpriceswitheach passing month. The competition is immense at all levels, be it pricing, looks or specifications. Brands are finding new ways to woo consumers and, therefore, looking to create smartphones that are more powerful and technologically advanced. So, mobile platforms that make these smartphones smart have, therefore,becomethesubjectsofmuchdeliberation. A large number of people present their opinion and discussions about these brands, (and these platforms) on social media. Perceptions are shared, recommendations are made and decisions are taken after referring to these opinions.Allofthisnotonlymakessocialmediamonitoringnecessary,butalso anaddedadvantageforbrandswhoneedtobuildtheironlinereputation. We analyzed conversations on social media about popular smartphone brands and compared them, in order to understand how people perceive them and whatfactorsdrivetheseconversations.
  • 3. Abstract We used Radian6, a part of the Salesforce Marketing Cloud a sophisticated, easytouse, real time monitoring tool to extract conversations about the following mobile platforms having presence in India, through the use of keywords: ConversationsaboutbrandsthatusetheaboveplatformsbetweentheOctober 28,2012andNovember27,2012wereanalyzedandthebuzzandsentimentof thesebrandsweremeasureandcompared.Thetopicsofdiscussionsanddrivers of conversations were also identified to understand the kind of conversations happened.Thekeywordsusedweresimpleplatformrelatedtermsandhandset models (and their variations) present in India that use these smartphone platforms. For this report, we focused more on the Android platform, and reports on each specific mobile platform will be published in the future.
  • 4. TableofContents PlatformwiseShareofVoice 1 AspectwiseAnalysis 2 MediaTypeAnalysis 3 BrandReputationandAdvocacy 4 Influencers 5 Summary 6
  • 5. 1 Comparisonbetweenpopularandroidmobile ShareofVoice manufacturersbasedonthenumberof conversationsfound TopModelsthatdriveconversationsoftop3handsetmanufacturers Samsung HTC Sony Samsungleadsbyalongwaywhenitcomestopopularityofthebrandandpopularityofthehandsets. ExceptSony,conversationsforthetop3brandsaredrivenbytheirflagshipphones. INMOSTCASES,THEPOPULARITYOFFLAGSHIPPHONESDETERMINESTHEPOPULARITYOFTHEBRAND. FORSAMSUNG,ITISTHES3ANDFORHTC,ITISTHEONEX.
  • 6. 2 Top3aspectspeoplediscussthemostwhen AspectwiseAnalysis conversingaboutAndroid? WhenpeopleonsocialmediadiscussaboutAndroidphones,theytalkalotabouttheirfeatures,sometimes copying entire specification sheets and sharing the same. Due to the advanced multimedia capabilities of Androidsmartphones,notsurprisingly,alargenumberofconversationsaboutstoragewerediscovered.And thereasonwhysmartphonesarefastreplacingcamerascanbeclearlyseeninthechartabove.Howlargethe display screen of a phone is, and also its resolution, greatly matters for people. While Wifi is an important connectivityfeatureinsmartphonesthesedays,alotofpeoplespeakaboutthatbatterylife,whichisoftenan importantfactorinthepurchasedecisions.Pricingisanotherimportantfactor,thediscussionsofwhichoften happeninconjunctionwithfeatures.Design,surprisingly,isnotasimportantlydiscussed. MULTIMEDIAFEATURESOFANANDROIDSMARTPHONE,ANDALSOTOSOMEEXTENT,ITSCONNECTIVITY FEATURESANDBATTERYLIFE,ARETHEDRIVINGFEATUREOFTHECONVERSATIONSABOUTIT,ANDTHESE FEATURESCANBESTATEDASTHEUSPOFTHEHANDSETMODELSANDTHEBRAND,TOO. MediaTypeAnalysis Wheredoesthechattertakeplace? Twitter dwarfs all other media platforms in terms of volume, accounting for more than90%ifALLtheconversationsaboutAndroidphones.MainstreamMedia,which isprimarilythefirstsourceofanynews,trailsbyalongdistance.Also,popularblogs and forums like,,, and forum.gsmhosting.comarereferredbymanyforreviewsonAndroidsmartphones. EACH CONVERSATION ON SOCIAL MEDIA NEEDS TO BE TRACKED AND ANALYZED CONTINUOSLY, ESPECIALLY ON TWITTER, WHICH IS A STOREHOUSE OF PEOPLES PERSONALSENTIMENTABOUTALMOSTEVERYTHING.
  • 7. 3 ProprietarySocialWavelengthmetrics BrandReputationandAdvocacy comparingbrandsusingAndroidplatform Samsung not only accounts for most of the conversations on social media about Android manufacturers,italsocontributes a quite high share of true sentiment.Sonycomessecondby volume, but languishes at the bottom, when the Brand Reputation Index is taken into account. This is because it has a higher share of negative conversations from the total discussions about it. HTC, at the third spot by volume, still lies in