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  • 1. Captain Cheddar Marketing and graphic design unit Friday, 27 June 2014

2. Friday, 27 June 2014 3. Target audience iphone home screen Text Friday, 27 June 2014 4. App store top 20: descriptions Friday, 27 June 2014 5. Our target audience is older children to pre-teens (7-15) Friday, 27 June 2014 6. Abstract Gameplay/Screenshot Character Title as text Language as image Symbolic Scotts 6 different app icon ideas Friday, 27 June 2014 7. Zoes 6 different app icon designs Friday, 27 June 2014 8. I tried out a background that has depth to it and also stands out, i used the colour scheme of orange and yellow that match the colours of the main character, i also contained our main character Captain which adds clarity and consistency. Character/Action Kaylee: If the game was well known it would be obvious because of the main character. I like how the colours blend in really well, as the background has two different tones orange/yellow. Makes captain cheddar stand out. Kaylee: Looks clean and tidy. The character was made to a high standard as well as the background Kaylee: The consistency was kept, it is relatable to your game since the main character appears clearly on it, the colours correspond well with the colour scheme. SCOTTS APP ICON PEER ANALYSES Friday, 27 June 2014 9. Gameplay/ screenshot I simply used a screenshot from the in-game screen, this ultimately gives the audience the best possible view of what to expect from the game. Kaylee: Good: I like how you can see the whole of the game and whats involved. Bad: Looks a little blurry. Kaylee: Good: Looks clean and easy to know the genre is a fishing game. I like the use of child friendly colours, which stands out and make the game fun. bad: needs more fishes involved. looks empty? Kaylee: good: Fits in really well with the game, with the fishing boat, fish, sand and sea. Bad: N/A SCOTTS APP ICON PEER ANALYSES 2 Friday, 27 June 2014 10. ZOES APP ICON PEER ANALYSIS Friday, 27 June 2014 11. ZOES APP ICON PEER ANALYSIS 2 Friday, 27 June 2014 12. Zoes app icon design ideas with colour Friday, 27 June 2014 13. APP STORE AGE RATINGS I would rate our game 4+ since it contains no scenes of drugs, imitable behaviour, nudity, foul language, sex threat or violence. However the main character captain cheddar is not clothed, but this would not been considered nudity since he has no human features such as nipples, he is simply a piece of cheese. And although there are scenes of catching sh which could possibly considered violence, they are all animated and as soon as the shing hook makes contact with the sh they simply disappear, therefore this is no problem either. Friday, 27 June 2014 14. App Cost I have decided to make my game free on the app store as opposed to charging for it. Our target audience of children to pre-teens may be slightly isolating since they most likely do not have their own form of income to use. Making our game free will attract a wider audience without people snubbing it due to not wanting to pay for it. Also after doing research i discovered most games in this genre are also free, therefore us also making it free helps us to compete with other apps that are similar to ours. Friday, 27 June 2014 15. Scotts PeerEvaluation Of Black & White Icon Zoe: I think your second app icon looks more professional, I love the effect for Captain Cheddar, it makes him seem mysterious. I prefer the 2nd app icons logo, the writing on the 1st icon for the logo brings the attention away from the title Captain Cheddar. Maybe add some shading in the background, it might look a little plain when colour is finally added. Before After Friday, 27 June 2014 16. Zoes PeerEvaluation Of Black & White Icon Friday, 27 June 2014 17. Schedule We decided to release our app game on the May 1st on the Thursday. This was a deliberate decision since it is away from the Christmas period which is notoriously hard in terms of competition. We release promotional posters on the 24th of April exactly a week before the release of our app game. Our merchandise is released on the 3rd of may 2 days after the release of our game, this is in attempt to generate hype for the game release week. Our Twitter will be launched just under a month before release on the 7th of April, in order to build up our following and social media following up towards release. Friday, 27 June 2014 18. AIMS OF AN ADVERTISING CAMPAIGN The main aims of our advertising would be to expose our game to a wider audience via different forms of promotion such as web banners, stickers, posters. Other different possible ideas could include creating a social media account on bothTwitter/Facebook in order to reach out to a larger audience from Retweets and shares sand keep a following up to date on our different special offers, and also gain a wider audience from it. Primary aim - Get approximately100 downloads of the game within the rst month. Secondary aim - Build on the Captain Cheddar brand and get 300 twitter followers on its account. Direct Ads:T-shirts with the Captain Cheddar logo, and hoodies, and a twitter account that is based around the shing theme. Indirect Ads:Ask a fewYouTubers to play the game and review it in a video. Promotion: Give shout outs from Captain Cheddars twitter, competitions to win merchandise, interact with the public via twitter. Friday, 27 June 2014 19. Social Media Ideas & Research Twitter is a useful platform to use in order to gain exposure to our game. I have created a twitter account for our game Captain Cheddar, in order for the Twitter to impact i will need to build up a following and get Retweets from the account, to do this i can ask relatives and associates to Retweet several tweets made from the Captain Cheddar account to spread it to their following. Also in order to gain retweets the content of the tweets will either have to be interesting or funny enough for people to want to retweet it. After some research i have discovered the following ways to insure more Retweets: - Tweet on Sundays, since there are more online users that day - Tweet before 10pm, before people go to sleep. - Using hashtags increases the chance of getting retweeted, five hashtags gets an average of 0.301 retweets vs 0.116 retweets with no hashtag. That is nearly a 300% improvement. - Picture tweets also increase the chance of being retweeted substantially, as demonstrated in the chart on the right hand side. Friday, 27 June 2014 20. Twitter Account To interact with fans of the game, give opportunities to win prizes and expose my game to a larger audience i created an ofcial twitter account for Captain Cheddar: The aim of the #CheddarChuesday is to give away merchandise bundles to one of the people that retweet the tweet. This will encourage people to retweet our tweet and therefore expose our account to a larger audience. Furthermore, the idea of doing in one Tuesday every month means that people may check the Captain Cheddar account more regularly in order to have opportunities to win. To maintain interaction with the accounts following, we will be doing a daily #CheddarChoiceQuestion in which we will ask a captain/shing/ pirate/cheese related question. There will be two options available, and to answer the audience will either Retweet or Favourite depending on what they think the answer is. This will not only keep our followers entertained, but it will also encourage to RT and FAV the tweets. Friday, 27 June 2014 21. CAPTAIN CHEDDAR VIDEO ADVERT LINK: Friday, 27 June 2014 22. MARKETING DESIGNS The Wallpapers Posters/ Billboards Hoodie, Stickers, Towel, App icon Friday, 27 June 2014 23. Scotts Designs Wallpapers Hoodie, Sticker and towel merchandise Friday, 27 June 2014 24. Zoes Designs Friday, 27 June 2014 25. Publicity stunt Our idea for a publicity stunt is to gather a small group to dress up in human sized costumes of our characters, such as Captain Cheddar, and a Jelly Fish, this will attract attention if we target town centres around the area, our team will be handing out small paper leaflets of our poster and encouraging people (mainly children and pre-teens) to take pictures with the characters and post them on twitter with the hashtag #CaptainCheddarSelfie and our twitter account will retweet them in return. Friday, 27 June 2014 26. MERCHANDISE DESIGN IDEAS Friday, 27 June 2014 27. Budget Billboard Cost Typically, a 6 sheet poster costs around the 200 per 2 week mark requiring a minimum of a 2 month booking period and an additional cost for the vinyl is dependant on the amount booked but typically a 6 sheet is approximately 120. Cost of customised hoodies The cost to produce a customised hoodie with our logo and writing will cost approximately 10 each item, for prot we will be selling these hoodies for 16. Publicity stunt & Leaets Our leaets will be created and printed our self for little cost, which we are handing out for the publicity stunt and therefore will not cost us any extra. However, for our giant Captain Cheddar costumes we will need to produce and create customised onesies for our team to wear, each onesie will be approximately 15 to produce each, with 3 onesies to make, totalling a cost of 45. Friday, 27 June 2014 28. Promotion Stickers This is my idea for two possible designs for our Captain Cheddar game stickers, possible ideas could include cooperating with a kids magazine to try and get our stickers as a free gift inside. This will not only help to get exposure for our game, but the magazine may also be more inclined to accept this deal since their prots may rise due to consumers wanting the free stickers. TWITTER ACCOUNT We will promote our twitter via our leaflets that were handing out in our publicity stunt, we also encouraged the people that take pictures with our characters in the costumes and post them to twitter with the hashtag #CaptainCheddarS