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<ul><li> 1. Directions: How to upload your PowerPoint to SlideShare and then embed into your Wikispace. Once you have your PowerPoint presentation created, go to the SlideShare website ( and sign into your account. Click on the Start Uploading link on the main page. Browse your computer for your file, and click on it when you find it. Your file will immediately start uploading; The upload progress will continue to show until it is complete. Once it is uploaded, you have some settings and information to complete. Under PRIVACY, you can choose to share it with EVERYONE. Create a TITLE, add TAGS, and fill in the DESCRIPTION box. You can also choose the CATEGORY (education) it most closely fits in. Once you have filled in all the information about your presentation, click on PUBLISH, and SlideShare will convert your file for online viewing! Your PowerPoint presentation is now ready to be uploaded and embed your presentation into your Wikispace through an imbed code that is created for you. Click Education </li></ul> <p> 2. Adding Videos, Calendars or Other Widgets You can embed videos, audio, calendars, or a multitude of other web services on your pages. You will be placing your PowerPoint on your Personal Characteristics page Ensure your cursor is where you want to place your PowerPoint You will see a button on the toolbar that looks like a television named widget Choose the type of object youd like to embed, you will be inserting Other HTML Paste the HTML from SlideShare into the box. Click Save. Enter HTML code here </p>