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SlideShare + Echo360

SlideShare + Echo360(Valve Corporation)Group IAmelie Liedberg, Faris Al-Ahmadi, Nader Harake, Shane Rashid


Web 2.0 based slide hosting service

Private and Public uploads in several formats including PowerPoint, PDF, and Keynote

Presentations can be viewed on the site itself and even on hand held devices

Estimated 58 million visitors per month

16 million registered users

ECHO 360

Captures and records classroom individual or individual/group actions and interactions

Allows the lecturer or the instructor to turn them into lessons where students can replay on any device at any time

Opens up the possibility to have students more engaged and thus facilitates easier note taking

Comparison Of Both Web 2.0 Tools


Created individual accounts

Explored its boundaries

Uploaded presentations and shared them with one another

Viewed them from our tabletsECHO 360

Created one account

Realized that we could only use the service as external viewers

Requires a different type of subscription Depended on it to go over previous lectures within the module

Our experience

Valve CorporationAmerican video game developers Founded by former Microsoft employees Gabe Newell and Mike Harrington Responsible for the creation of the critically acclaimed video game series Half-Life, Portal, and Left 4 Dead It has also developed and maintained its own software distribution platform called Steam

Knowledge ManagementWhat is Knowledge Management?

Who founded Knowledge Management?

What principles does Knowledge Management follow?

The Collective Knowledge Construction ModelWhat is the Collective Knowledge Construction Model?

Further explanation and application towards Valve Corporation.

How the chosen tools of SlideShare and Echo360 apply to Valve Corporation.

Theories Knowledge Heirarchy Pyramid, Ackoffs InterpretationData Information Knowledge (Understanding) WisdomIkujiro Nonaka, knowledge creationExplicit and tacit SECI Model Western managers lack tacit knowledge

Theories (further)Noelle Chesley Importance of technology in the workplaceDorothy Leonard and Walter SwapBritish TheoristKnowledge conservation and transfer within organizationsLeonards Wellspring of KnowledgeWorkplace problem solving Strategy

The Intelligent Exploiter

Effective Systems

Roles and Skills

Integration (problems)SlideShare + Echo360 = ?There are some problems to considerToo similar! Echo360 lacks in servicesExternal or internal?

Final product? Conclusion.To what extent are these factors problematic?Both tools can be used together effectively in Valve CorporationIntegrated in the IT systemHowever, a combination of both ..Web 2.0 tools are essential

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