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  • 1. Uploading Content to SlideShareSenior Project Spring 2012The Unquiet Library 1. You will need to register an account with SlideShare. Please go . Click on sign up in the upper right handcorner of the page. 2. Before you begin uploading any documents or files, you shouldsave all your work in a single folder with clear, accuratedescriptions so that you know exactly well your files are. 3. To upload a file, select the file and press the orange uploadbutton at the top of the screen. 4. On the next screen, press the big orange upload button.Senior Project SlideShare Instructions Page 1

2. 5. Now browse to the file you want to upload (these will be Worddocs or PowerPoint files). 6. As your document uploads, do the following: A. Give your document an official title. I like to type these out ahead of time in Word with correct spelling and capitalization so that I can just copy and paste them into the title box. Example: Buffy H. Senior Project Work Log 2011-12 B. Tags: we will use senior project 2011-12 C. Category: Choose education D. DO NOT check the allow file download option; leave this unchecked to protect your work E. Description: this box is optionalif you would like to provide a brief description of the document, you may. 7. Now press save changes to the right of the description box.Senior Project SlideShare InstructionsPage 2 3. 8. Once the upload is completed, you will see a screen like the one below. You will copy the embed code in the box beneath the title of your document.9. Now go to your wiki page for your project and click edit at the top of YOUR page.10. Press the widget button.Senior Project SlideShare InstructionsPage 3 4. 11. Choose other HTML; paste the embed code into the empty box.Press save.12. A gray box will appear on the page. Now press save on themain page editing menu for your widget to process.13. You should now see your document embedded (see examplebelow).Senior Project SlideShare InstructionsPage 4