Salesforce Mobile Developer Week

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My presentation slides from the Dublin and Edinburgh Developer User Groups, covering the new mobile packs from Salesforce.


  • 1. Mobile Developer WeekSalesforce Platform Mobile ServicesJohn StevensonDeveloper Evangelist@jr0cket

2. About Me Developer Evangelist for & Heroku @jr0cket 3. London Salesforce Developers Monthly social meetings with short talks (~20 mins) Evening tech workshops Hack the Bi-monthly hack day 4. What Mobiles apps haveyou developed? 5. Mobile Development Options 6. Developing Mobile Apps with Salesforce Data Salesforce Touch Via the browser or mobile app Native/Hybrid (Mobile SDK) Mobile SDK 2 to be released soon HTML5 & JavaScript frameworks Deployed as Heroku app or VisualForce page 7. Bridging the gap between mobile and enterprise dataCustomer DataModern Mobile Developers 8. Building Mobile Apps With Legacy Platforms Is DifficultIdeaBuy &SetupHardwareInstallComplexSoftwareDefineUserAccessBuild &TestSecurityMake ItMobile &SocialSetupReporting& AnalyticsBuildApp withLegacyFrameworksMonths to YearsMobileApp 9. Salesforce Platform:The Fastest Path From Idea to Connected Mobile AppIdeaBuild Appwith ModernFrameworksConnectCustomer &Business DataConnectedMobile Apps 10. Introducing New Salesforce Platform Mobile ServicesRecommendationsMobile ServicesHTML5,Hybrid, NativeDrag & DropDevelopmentIdentity andSecurity Social FilesDatabase Mobile SDKDeveloperMobile PacksConnected Social Any DeviceTrusted 11. New Mobile Services Mobile SDK 2.0 Mobile Accelerator Program Mobile Packs 12. Mobile SDK 2.0 Faster and more modularized architecture New entity frameworks for easy data access and offlinestorage Identity for employee and customer facing apps Connect Salesforce data with any native existing appAPI WrappersInteract with Salesforce REST APIs withpopular mobile platform languagesSecure Offline StorageStore business data on a device with enterprise-class encryptionPush NotificationsDispatch real-time alerts directly to mobiledevicesOAuth2Secure authentication and refresh tokenmanagementApp ContainerEmbed HTML5 apps inside a container to accesspowerful native device functionality 13. Mobile Accelerator Program Provide rapid, high-touch Mobile Services trainingfor partners Appirio, Accenture, Bluewolf, Aditi, Tquila, Deloitte, DetroitLabs Provides companies with qualified app buildingpartnersDesigned for leadingconsulting partners, systemsintegrators, and ISVs 14. Mobile Packs Using modern JavaScript web app frameworks Simplify data access using ForceTK.js Simplifying oAuth implementation 15. Current Mobile Packs First of many mobile packs and samples Open to the developer community 16. Demo 17. jQuery Mobile Example Script Includes 18. jQuery Mobile Example body & pages 19. jQuery Mobile aspects Unlike HTML pages, a jQuery file can contain multiplepages

VisualForce pages Place all pages in once visual force page unless you getperformance issues jQuery mobile will only add the first page from any externallylinked files (jQuery Mobile limitation) 20. Book: jQuery Mobile Up and running 21. Next Steps Try out the mobile packs yourself Gain confidence in building mobile apps Extend and create new packs For your own needs To share with the developer community 22. Thank you.Any questions?