Rising to the challenges of 'multi-multi' world

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You are now doing business in multiple languages and currencies, at multiple locations around the world, selling to multiple customer segments, through multiple channels and devices. To rise up to the challenge online retailers need to break away from traditional, rigid commerce practice and embrace agility for real time optimisation. This session will explore the growing challenge of the ‘multi-multi’ world and provide practical advice on how to deploy and design great user experience that converts in every level

Text of Rising to the challenges of 'multi-multi' world

  • 1. Rising to Challenges ofthe Multi-Multi WorldDavid Bowen, Product Manager, EPiServer
  • 2. User Journey
  • 3. User Journey Digital Marketing Online Sales
  • 4. User Journey
  • 5. User Journey
  • 6. User Journey
  • 7. User Journey
  • 8. User Journey
  • 9. Google is the principle driver of traffic Conversion is kingCustomer must be at the heart of every decision
  • 10. Multi-Channel Multi-Site Multi-Currency Multi-Language Multi-Brand Multi-Market
  • 11. Opportunities for BrandsEvolving mobile devices with increasing featuresMaturity of social media and online communitiesDevelopment of content interface technologies
  • 12. Manage by Market Pricing Inventory Discounts Settings Catalog Market Tax/Payment ..
  • 13. Manage Markets Web Mobile Market SocialCatalog In-StoreInventoryPricingDiscounts CallSettings Centre English French Channels Swedish
  • 14. Manage Markets Brand A Brand B Customers
  • 15. Multi-Channel / Multi-MarketSingle platform for managing sites across geographiesand channels, including web, mobile, social and in-store.Enabling a seamless and consistent brand experienceregardless of channel.Provides tools to monitor performance and optimizeresults.
  • 16. Tablet CustomersTablet owners are generallywealthierConsumers now shop moreoften with tablets thatmobiles1.5% higher conversion rate
  • 17. Social Reach
  • 18. Social Reach
  • 19. Social Reach
  • 20. Social Reach
  • 21. Testing
  • 22. Digitisation of Brand ExperienceBuy anywhere, fulfil anywhere ForresterEmpowering both customers and store sales with best-in-class mobile and interactive technologies. Prevent loss of in-store sales Create an endless aisleEntire floor becomes point of sale, brand ambassadorsdeliver differentiated customer experience.
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  • 31. Customer Expectations Source: Forrester, North American Technographics Retail Online Survey
  • 32. A customer who shops both online and in-store is worth almost six times as much Forrester
  • 33. Customers dont interact with companies from a channel perspectiveReconfigure resources and capabilities to stay ahead of the change as consumer technology adoption and behaviours change.
  • 34. Source: Forrester
  • 35. Stay FlexibleEarly stage in multichannel - Impossible to predict futurechannelsMistakes can be costly, working out where to invest canbe very difficultAgility is Required React to changes in trends or behaviour quickly Make customer interaction consistent across all channels Build an infrastructure that allows flexibility
  • 36. Without product content ERP data Brands need content - in all channelsField ValueItem number 12345-22Item name SHOE FTB 13Price 1399.00On stock 188 pcsShelf no in 12AwarehouseNo. per pallet 122Pallet weight 166 kgSuppl. Itno 3476-3
  • 37. Content spaghetti MarketingProduct owner FILE SERVER InDesign docs Text DB ERP Image DB Sales E-COM C:My docs Supplier PLM Web CMS
  • 38. Multi-channel Product Content
  • 39. Product Content in PIM
  • 40. The commitment to agilecommerce is not just about doingwhat is right for the customer anddoing it faster; it is about drivinga return on investment (ROI). Brian K. Walker from Forrester
  • 41. Personalisation & Context
  • 42. Social Networks CMSCommerce Affiliates / Marketplaces 68
  • 43. Social Networks CMSCommerce Affiliates / Marketplaces
  • 44. Call Offline MarketplWebsite Mobile Social In-store Centre Print aceContent, Social, Personalisation, Campaign Measurement and Testing EPiServer
  • 45. Questions?David Bowendavid.bowen@episerver.com@dmbowen