Reheating furnace for Steel Rolling Mills

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CASE is pioneer is providing reheating furnaces for steel rolling mills in India and abroad. They company offers best of quality pusher type furnaces and walking beam type which are workable with any kind of fuels.

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  • 1. Your Steel Rolling Mill Requires a Powerful Heating Mechanism So!!! Were here to provide you- High-end Reheating Furnaces of Pusher Type/Walking Beam Type and much more. Our Furnaces are workable with any kind of fuel, be it Coal Gas, Blast Furnace Gas, Furnace Oil, Natural Gas etc Key Features of CASE Reheating Furnace 1. Ease of Operation 2. Low Maintenance Cost 3. Highly Fuel Efficient 4. Furnaces from 15 TPH Capacities 5. Automation at all levels Since 1993, we have been providing Complete Engineering Solutions in India and abroad. We are now market leaders in providing the best of quality products at the most economical rate within minimum leas time- CASE Group CASE Group works for variable engineering fields like Cooling Towers, Coal Gasifiers, Scale Ban, CASE Pre Heater, SKBIT Technology for Iron Ore Reduction, Scrap Processing Lines, Industrial Air Pollution Control Devices, Material Handling Lines, Briquetting Machines, Reheating Furnaces To know about CASE Group, visit: or Call @ 91-129-4266666


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