Ready. Set. Drupal! An Intro to Drupal 8, Part 2

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In this two part series, we'll give you a quick introduction to the Drupal 8 out-of-the-box site building experience. This course is for people who are completely new to Drupal. You might be a developer or a decision maker, but you need to know what makes Drupal tick, and fast. In part 2, youll get an overview of site building, extending Drupal, and contributing to the Drupal community. This course includes: Presentations: We've condensed the most essential information about Drupal into this quick course. Demos: Watch me completing specific tasks as I build a site. Download step-by-step tutorials, and try out the tasks yourself. No matter your experience level or background, this course will get you familiar with the next up-and-coming version of Drupal.


<ul><li> 1. Ready. Set. Drupal! Part 2A quick introduction to the Drupal 8out-of-the-box site building experience.http://training.acquia.com</li></ul> <p> 2. Take this course! In a classroom oronline. Teach at events oryour company. 3. About me Heather James Manager of Learning Services 4. Fun is memorable 5. About you! What other systemshave you used? What do you knowabout Drupal already?Whats in your toolbox? 6. What well 7. Step-by-step Presentations Demos Activities tryit yourself! 8. Ready check!You will need A working copy ofDrupal 8 most recentBeta. Acquia Cloud free Materials!Nice to have Browser inspection toolsuch as Firebug forFirefox, or Developermode in Chrome. Lorem Ipsum textgenerator. 9. Task: Drupal 8 Acquia Cloud Go Choose to try now. Configure your 10. Develop locally InstallDev Desktop 2 Connect SSH key Clone your 11. RecapWhat we covered in Part 1 12. Drupal 8 status More beta releases! Release candidate:Drupal 8.0.0 Future minor releaseswill add features:Such as Drupal 8.1.0Betas TestRC1 Test8.0 Ready!Minor and 13. Generated lists examples of pages createdfrom lists of content on the fly.FYI: Built in Drupal 8! 14. Structured input and display 15. Drupal EntitiesUsers Taxonomy termsE. WebbGermanyJ. BeemanSpainadventurecity breaksailingshoppingContent (nodes) Pet-friendly holidaysfor the whole family. Drum and dance inCommentscity breakdwight8 SeptWow, can'twait to getvisit.joe8 SeptMe too!Mali. Indian adventure on ariver boat cruise. Mud baths and hotsprings of Beppu. Hidden Paris by nightin the winter.BlocksBlock titleBlock text here.Some informationabout something.http://link123.comContact formsSubjectMessage text field.Custom fields asneeded.Entities are one instanceof an entity type.Each has a unique ID.These are examples ofContent entities inDrupal.Examples of content entities in Drupal 8 16. Adding fields to content typesGeneric Content type settingsTitleAuthorDate publishedCommentsMenu optionsRevisionsArticle + fields:ImageBody textTagsTips + fields:VideoBody textTagsLinkContent types: Define defaults and add fields (usually) 17. Adding fields to BlocksDefault basic block hasone body text field. Whatif you want an image anda link?With Block Types inDrupal 8, you can addfields.Such as an image or linkfield.Add fields to block types 18. Views for lists of contentWhat to select &amp; filter How to format &amp; display 19. Display configurationWith Drupal, you can reuse content intelligently. 20. Everything is configurable 21. Change the image styles!You can change the display and even the image styles, crop, etc. 22. Lesson 6: Extending DrupalCustomizing your site 23. Core themesBartik: Default theme Stark: Default core markupCurrently under development 24. Outputting Classy markupShowing output in the Classy base theme 25. What is a theme?Minimum files you need Robust exampleUnder construction 26. Override in your themeCopy a core template file to your theme, modify it. 27. InheritanceBasethemepageCoreTemplatesusernodeuserpagenodepagenodenodeCore provides templates.Themes can opt to override thesetemplates.Or not!Drupal theming is a process ofoverriding what is there.Drupal theming = overridingSub-themeActuallyused 28. What template is being called? Twig debug optionindicates whattemplate is beingcalled. Offers suggestedtemplatesTwig Debug explained 29. Twig template syntax</p> <ul><li>{% for item in menu %}</li><li>{{ }}{% endfor %}</li></ul> <p>{% foo %}Used for expressions{{ bar }}Prints 30. Task: Change theme Change to Classyor Stark. Inspect markup. 31. ReviewDrupal theming is a system of overriding 32. Lesson 7: Who is using Drupal?Drupal and the community 33. In Lesson 7 Presentation: Whos using Drupal Demo: How to find contributed projects,how to use the issue queue. Task: Test a contributed module. Learnmore about your local community 34. Whos using Drupal? 35. How are they using it? In every industry fromlarge sites to small. In-depth case studieson 36. Drupal 8 37. Developing with Drupal 38. What does Drupal 8 run on? Built in PHP, HTML, CSS,JS. LAMP stack is mostwidely used and tested. Other OSs, servers, DBspossible (in orange)DrupalFramework: SymfonyLanguage: PHPServer: Apache Database: MySQLOperating System: LinuxDetails 39. Building with Drupal 40. Contributed modules The majority of yourdevelopment will relyon contributed 41. Reporting issues Use the Issue queue Search first Report 42. Open Source Software = CommunityAll photos by Kathleen Murtagh code sprints (CC BY2.0) 43. How big is the community?Hint: For latest data, check d.o 44. DrupalCon 1500-3000 attendees 5 days of learning andcollaboration Affordable tickets Scholarships! Q: Where's the nextDrupalCon?Hint! night Photo by Josef Jerabek (CC BY-NC-ND 2.0) 45. Task: Connect locally Attend meet-ups DrupalCamps (localconferences) Training Free Globaltraining days and paidtraining.What is happening next in your area? 46. Task: Search for modules Search 47. Review! 48. How was this built?Inspect the code and body tag forinformation.Go have a look! 49. Answer? 50. How are thesecomponents added?Inspect the elements and look forclues. 51. Answer?All are blocks(in red)Some parts come from Views(in blue) 52. Base theme? 53. Our training site was built using Bootstrap. You can learn more aboutit! And webinar: 54. How is this done? 55. 56. Build in Drupal 7 now NOT upgrade to D8 fromD6 or D7Build in D7 now and be better prepped for D8. 57. Next course! </p>