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MenteGo Deck pitch December 2013

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  • 1. MenteGO MenteGO Francisco Berroeta | CEO

2. Our teamTextGabriel Moraga CTO B.S. Software Engineering +4 developing softwares in diferents platforms.Francisco BerroetaGabriela SnchezCEOCOOB.S. Commercial Engineering - M.S. Marketing. +4 years running starupsB.S. Industrial Engineering M.S. Technological Innovation. + 4 years running startups. 3. What is the problem? Finding a great psychologist it is very hard, there is uncertainty, a little of shame to be recognized by other peers that you need mental aid. People worry about confidentiality. Also, the lack of convenience of having to go to the professional's practice = lose time in the process.Also the mental health market lacks of transparency, you dont know how much it will cost to you taking therapy, how much price gap are between psychologists.Conclusion People in need of mental aid, want confidentiality, reliable professionals, transparency, fair price and convenience. 4. Our Solution The first online service specialized in mental health. You can have online mental therapy from any country, with reliable psychologists selected by an experienced team100% confidentialQualified psychologistsHave your therapy in a place and at a time that suits you. 5. Our advantages Convenience: Take your therapy wherever you want, at any country, you only need internet.100% confidential Qualified professionalsScalable business model. First mover advantage in the region (LatinAmerica) 6. The Market125 Million150People with Drinking problemMillion Market opportunitypeople with75%depressionof people with mental disorders are not treated *OMS1 Million people Kill themselves each year* Worldwide Data 7. Product overviewProduct Working on a responsive site and aiming to develop an ios, android App in the near future. 8. How will we make money? UsersCustomers will pay a flat rate for each therapy session.$ MenteGo collect 40% avg. of each therapy. 9. Competitor analysis Off line Mental clinics Several facilities in each country Expensive treatments (% for the clinic) Located in crowded areasPrivate psychologist practice Hundreds in each city Located in crowded areas Lack of transparency in their fees 10. Business modelMarketing VisitorFirst stage: People will visit our site. Our work: Create trustTraining PatientPaid Assesment for therapySecond stage: Evaluation session Our work: Convert 1 session into therapyThird stage: Deliver a kick ass service Our Work: Heal our patients . Create retention, encourage referrals.Technology 11. Investing Product/Operations 50%20%Advertising & PR$ 150.000 Salaries25%5% Reserve 12. ContactFrancisco Berroeta | CEOpepeberroeta francisco@mentego.comMenteGOtwitter.com/pepeberroeta facebook.com/pepeberroeta