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An update of a presentation meant to act as a "Survival guide for new Geography teachers" - will be using this several times this year.

Text of PGCE Geography Presentation

  • 1.Image by Alan Parkinson

2. My contact details alanparkinsonatthega [email_address] GeoBlogs GeoBlogs This presentation hosted here! 3. Alan Parkinson: Ordnance Survey Award Born 1960s School 1970s 4. Alan Parkinson: Ordnance Survey Award 1980s: Geography degree at Huddersfield Poly with Tim Burt PGCE at Hull University with Vincent Tidswell Norway, 1984: Folgefonna 5. Alan Parkinson: Ordnance Survey Award 1988 to 2008: Taught at King Edward VII School King's Lynn, Norfolk Head of Geography 2004 to 2008 6. Alan Parkinson: Ordnance Survey Award Study Support Website launched 2001 Total visitors 2001: around 1000 Total visitors 2008: 660000 ! 7. Alan Parkinson: Ordnance Survey Award Blogging GeoBlogs (RGS funded) Google Earth Blog (RGS funded) GeographyJazz Blog KS3 Geography Blog Landscapes Blog New 'A' level Blog Cultural Geog Blog Pilot GCSE Blog 8. Alan Parkinson: Ordnance Survey Award The last 5 years have been busy... GA Secondary Committee Presented workshops at GA conference GA Consultant for School Atlas / BECTa Chartered Geographer and Fellow (2007) CfBT KS3 Adviser GGiP / Young People's Geography SLNForum Moderator Presented at SAGT conferences / RGSWritten for Evaluate / Guardian Webwatch author in GA Magazine Written textbook on 'Landscape' 9. 10. 11. Top Ten Tips 12. Contents / Aims / Objectives / Menu

  • Living Geography
  • What can the GA do for you ?
  • Developing your PLN
  • My Favourite Price
  • Ill show you mine...

13. 14. Student Experiences Geography: the subject Teacher Choices Underpinned by Key Concepts Thinking Geographically Which learning activity ? Does this take the learner beyond what they already know ? Living Geography 15. Living Geography:

  • embracesyoung peoplesgeography and experiences
  • is current andfutureoriented
  • islocalbut set in wider ( global ) contexts
  • raises questions of change,sustainabilityand development

16. With thanks to Joe Dale (MFL embrace cross-curricular !!) 17. 18. 19. Have you been using the Action Plan for Geography materials ? YES NO Please join the NEW GA Network Please e-mail [email_address]with your school details 20. The Food Crisis

  • I am writing a unit for the Training and Development Agency
  • This will eventually be available as an ONLINE CPD unit
  • It explores the issue of FOOD SECURITY.
  • Would you like to be involved in trialling them ??

21. BECTa ICT KS4 Project Now live on GA website and well worth plundering ! 22. New GCSEs Comparison on GA website Join the debate on the GA Ning GA Conference (SPC) Transforming Tired Topics Textbooks: everyones guilty pleasure Doorstep geography Food Crisis workshop 23. Young Peoples Geographies 24. Journals online for download 25. 26. 27. 28. 29. Clay Shirky the best tool ever invented for improving communication is the table... 30. Social networking 31. 32. Social networking 33. Professional networking 34. The Networked teacher.... Then and Now (Alec Couros) 35. PLUG YOURSELF IN. 36. 37. Twitter What are you doing...? 140 character limit Twitpic by @stephenfry 38. Every teacher should also be a learner. The Social Web makes this possible at a time and a place to suit everybody. This is where your PLN comes in... 39. Blogging Geo Blogs (2003) Living Geography Geography and all that Jazz Cultural Geography Look at it this Way Google Earth Users Guide New Edexcel Geography 40. Over 450 members 41. Over 340 members Also a dedicated network for PGCE / NQT / GTP 42. Flickr User: ToniVC 43. My Favourite Price 44. 45. the only way to have a good idea is to have a lot of ideas... Winston Churchill 46. In pairs or threes... (3 minutes ) 47. ?? 48. 49. Yorkshire Floods Summer 2007 50. Beautiful tag clouds 51. 52. 53. Facebook Chris Evetts 54. Oliver, no fan of political correctness, has hit back at reports he's been banned from the British town Rotherham filming location for the celebrity chef'sMinistry of Food . Talk of a ban surfaced when residents of Rotherham accused Oliver of portraying them as "dumbos" and "numpties". Oliver says the ban is "bollocks" and that he's been targeted by a minority of locals who see his show as an Oliver "vanity project" rather than a genuine campaign to help people whose diets are so appalling that they're eating themselves to death. A Rotherham local, former chef Alan Dale, says: "My message to Jamie is to stay away. Feelings are running high because he has made us look like complete idiots." 55. Flickr: 56. Flickr Toys

  • Picture Collages
  • Trading Cards
  • Photo Mosaics
  • CD covers
  • Motivator poster
  • Magazine covers
  • Movie posters
  • Picture frames
  • Captions...

57. Doorknob preparation...

  • Hand up whos winged
  • a lesson recently ?
  • Did it go well ?
  • If so, why ?
  • If not, why not ?

58. Ill show you mine..... 59. Simon Renshaw: Google Maps 60. Whose journeys ? 61. Palin: a geographer ? 62. SLN Geography 63. Flip Video 64. Knock Knock Whos there ? 65. A DOCTOR ? 66. A MATHS TEACHER ? 67. A BALLET DANCER ? 68. A SHEEP SHEARER ? 69. A GEOGRAPHY TEACHER ? 70. Is Dartford Town Centre -a Dead Heart? DME January 2009 71. Town Centre Map Dartford Town Centre Photos by G Simmons Ring Road Station High Street Hythe Street Lowfield Street Regeneration Area Prospect Place Retail Park Priory shopping mall Orchard Shopping mall 72. Gala Bingo in the High St Dartford Town Centre Photos by G Simmons This site used to be Dartfords cinema 73. Derelict Land in the High St Dartford Town Centre Photos by G Simmons This site has been empty since 2007 74. City centre health spectrum

  • Move the text boxes into the correct place on the health spectrum

Very vibrant Fairly vibrant Completely dead heart Fairly dead 75. 76. 77. Credit Crunch Gography Winners and Losers &Geo-connections Flickr user: nataliej 78. What connections are there with geography ?

  • Higher energy costs
  • Changing retail landscape
  • Less disposable income
  • Price-cutting and bargain-hunting
  • Austerity
  • De-multipliers starting off...
  • Higher unemployment
  • Impact on global warming ?

79. 80. 81. 82. 83. Assessment What can you explain in a text message ? 84. A YPG curriculum will : be planned through dialogue: between teachers, young people, teacher educators and academic geographers draw from young people's everyday experiences extend the way that young people are involved in, and candirectly influence, the curriculum emphasisedialogic pedagogies enable young people to use their capacity tothink geographicallywhen encountering the world 85. ICT SESSION 86. Someother options*for you... 1. Explore BECTa materials 2. Sign up for a NING or two... 3. Sign up and start a reflective blog * - students like alternative formats for homework and project tasks 87. Making a magazine cover / poster

  • Go to
  • Choose Magazine cover or Movie Poster
  • Decide on the cover image, save to your desktop and then upload it to the site.
  • Decide on the description / taglines / title etc. for your chosen format, and fill in the relevant boxes (dont fill them all in as the poster will look too cluttered.
  • Once you are fairly happy, press
  • This will show you the magazine as it looks at the moment. Look at the placement and colour of the text. Can you see it clearly on the cover.
  • Click EDIT COVER (just underneath the image) and you can make those changes. You can keep doing this as often as you like, but as soon as you press SAVE, the cover will be saved and cant be changed.
  • Save the image into the folder that your teacher will tell you.
  • Get a blank powerpoint slide and paste the image into the middle of the slide.
  • Use AUTOSHAPES for arrows and some text boxes to explain your choice of image and labels.

Dont forget audience / purpose 88. Feedback time.... 89. MEDIA LITERACY 90. 91. Kids 92. 93. All images under Creative Commons

  • Bank note on title page - image by Flickr user nataliej
  • Tiger Woods losing sponsorship - image by Flickr user ATIS547
  • Woolworths - image by Flickr user mrlerone
  • Clock by ToniVC
  • Thanks to Gary Simmons & Danny O Callaghan for vibrant hub or dead heart CBD slides

94. All images under Creative Commons

  • image by Flickr user ariel.chico
  • Information Commons Alan Parkinson
  • Bayards Cove, Dartmouth Alan Parkinson
  • Shillpag