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  • 1. How various pedagogies Might approach the same assignment Group Member Names

2. Assignment: Volcano PowerPoint

  • How might this assignment be shaped by:
    • Behaviorist
    • Constructivist
    • Cognitivist
    • Pragmatist
    • Multiple Intelligence

3. Instructions

  • Alone, list three ways each pedagogy might approach the same lesson
  • Join a group and increase the list to 6 or 7+
  • Peek at the pre-listed approaches and copy/paste the ones you like best to your lists to reach 10 12 approaches total
  • Delete the pre-listed approach slides
  • Upload to Slideshare
  • Embed it on the class wiki

4. Behaviorist and theVolcano PowerPoint

  • Student reads text on volcano and has Q and A with teacher.Teacher gives rewards for correct answers.
  • Teacher created worksheets
  • Charts and graphs

5. Constructivist and theVolcano PowerPoint

  • Teacher shown videos on volcano formation and students create presentation on what they learned.
  • Students research volcanoes on internet and present what they learned
  • PBL style learning

6. Cognitivist and theVolcano PowerPoint

  • Teacher presents volcano demonstration to students and how it is formed, history of formation.Students then look at how different volcanoes where formed and how they are formed.Where and how they may form in the future as well.
  • Forecasting of volcano eruptions, why and what factors go into the prediction.

7. Pragmatist and theVolcano PowerPoint

  • Facts and history about previous volcanic eruptions.
  • How to avoid disasters from previous volcanic eruptions
  • What to do if a volcano erupted near by.

8. Multiple Intelligence and theVolcano PowerPoint

  • Bring in multimedia to present:Visual, sounds of volcanoes, art, power point presentations.
  • Hikes in Petrified Forest with presentation as wrap up activity.

9. 10. Behaviorist

  • Standardized, detailed rubric
  • Specific expectations as to facts, figures, charts, diagrams, illustrations
  • Specific slide totals and design requirements
  • Step by step execution and design
  • Precise deadlines; mid-unit benchmarks
  • Detailed assessment of product

11. Constructivist

  • More background and context building
  • Reasons for studying volcanos
  • Dramatic stories of previous volcanoes
  • Comparison of volcanos to other events
  • Discussion of the human toll

12. Cognitivist

  • Background preparation would include intensive study and research
  • Outside reading required
  • Respond with analysis to written literature and study
  • Speculation of volcano impact
  • What if scenarios

13. Pragmatist

  • Field trips
  • Disaster relief
  • Escape and rescue techniques
  • Warning signs and likelihood
  • Preparedness
  • Hard facts from previous volcanoes
  • alternative mediums in addition to or instead of PowerPoint

14. Multiple Intelligence

  • One slide on each intelligence
  • An interpretative presentation that includes multimedia and audience interaction
  • Supplementary materials brought in as part of the presentation
  • Opportunities to use alternative mediums in addition to or instead of PowerPoint