Multisite & Beyond - WordCamp Baltimore 2012

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In addition to the freedom that WordPress offers to its users, it also offers a great deal of flexibility to its administrators and managers. One of the greatest features of WordPress is the ability to set up a multisite environment that allows you to stand up an entirely new website in a matter of minutes. WordPress Multisite offers you the option to set up new websites using subdomains or subdirectories off of the original installation point. However, through various plugins and configuration settings, you can take it even further than that.



2. SINGLE WORDPRESSA S I N G L E - FA M I LYHOMEA SINGLE WP SITEPaint your siding & Install your own WP shuttersthemeInstall climate control,Install plugins for hot water heater, podcasting, caching, alarm system,, etc.Responsible for snow &Responsible for keeping trash removal,WP updated & clear upkeep, etc.of spamFires, break-ins, Website & server burglaries are your problems are your problem problem 3. WORDPRESS MULTISITE 4. WORDPRESS MULTISITETOWNHOMEW P M U LT I S I T EPainting , climatePlugins and themescontrol, alarms, etc. must be installedprobably requireby Super Adminapprovalbefore you canactivateMight have to use Some plugins will becontractornetwork-active, sospecified byyou have no controlproperty managerover themNot responsible for Not responsible fortrash/snowkeeping WPremoval, upkeep,updatedetc. 5. WORDPRESS MULTI-NETWORK 6. WORDPRESS MULTI-NETWORKSUBDIVISION M U LT I - N E T W O R KSame basicSameresponsibilities as responsibilities asa townhomesite owner inProperty managers multisiteprobably overseeNormal Supersuperintendents Admins onlyfor each group of control ownhousesnetwork, eachnetwork has itsown Super Admin 7. HOW DOES IT WORK?In Multisite, there Multi-Networkwill only be 1 uses multiplenetwork, so thesite IDssite ID will be 1 8. HOW DO YOU TURN IT ON?Install and activate a single plugin.You have three choices:1. Networks for WordPress by David Dean (Current versions of WordPress)2. WP Multi Network by John James Jacoby (Versions 3.0-3.1 of WordPress)3. Networks+ by Ron and Andrea Rennick (All versions of WordPress)Make sure you follow the instructions! 9. YOU CAN CONFIGURE IT IN TWO BASIC WAYS:Networks asNested subdomains,subdomains sites within (single those networks subdomains as as subdirectorythe networks, sitessecond-levelsubdomains asthe sites) 10. BUT WAIT THERES MORE! 11. SIDE EFFECTS OF WORDPRESS MULTI-NETWORK INCLUDEThere are some disadvantages to running WordPress in a multi-network set up. New level of uncertainty with add-on compatibility If a plugin cant be network-activated, it cant be multi-network-activated Potential conflicts Serious issues with plugins & themes that are coded poorly MU-Plugins will be active everywhere 12. WITH GREAT POWER COMES GREATRESPONSIBILITYBe diligent aboutthemes &pluginsPay attention tosetup andupdates 13. QUESTIONS? COMMENTS?Twitter:@cgrymalaWebsite(s): (Multi-Network Setup) (SVN Repo)Email:cgrymala@umw.educurtiss@ten-321.comSpeakerRate: