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  • Businesses of all shapes and sizes love text messaging for its ability to playa key role in wowing their customers, whether through mobile marketingcampaigns, direct response sales, pre- and after-sales support, self-service, and even customer loyalty programs.

    Benefits of going mobile: There are 5 billion mobile phones on the

    planet out of 6.1 billion of total population,with a 1.2 billion subscribed only last year

    There are now more mobile phone devicesthan TVs and Credit Cards combined

    Mobile communication is very targeted andeasy to group broadcast

    Easily integrates with online and offlinemarketing channels

    Mobile offers highly measurable and accuratereporting

    There are cost savings versus traditionalmarketing methods

    There are only two mobile technologies that arecapable to reach 100% audience because they areubiquitous and supported by all mobile phones.They are:SMS Short Message SystemUSSD Unstructured Supplementary Service Data

    Mobile Marketing [Tips & Tricks]November 2010

    SMS marketing has 94% read rate and 15-45% response rate comparedto only 1% for traditional media.

    USSD marketing has a 70-80% response rate with successful conversionrate of 10-15%.

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  • FACT!

    70% of consumers are happyto receive text messages ifthey are incentivised and incontrol

    90% of consumers want to beheard by businesses & arewilling to interact.

    The mobile phone hasbecome a personal item and a24/7 device.

    Remember: To report a lost/stolen wallet

    takes 24 hours. To report a lost/stolen

    mobile phone 24 minutes![average figures]

    !Mobile!This is a device through which you can reach every customer,hear their preferences, drive sales and more.

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  • Mobile Marketing (MM) usingSMS or USSD (or combination ofboth) is proven the only tool thathas high Return on Investment(ROI) due to low costs and alarge customer demographic.

    But there are some rules thatmust always be followed in orderto make the most out of yourmarketing campaigns.

    Some MM recommendations:

    Be useful make sure thecontent you want to deliveris relevant for a particulartime and place

    Use dead time do notdisturb customers whilethey are busy

    Say thank you alwaysthank you your customers

    Ask for feedback the mostimportant and valuable infoto succeed in the future

    Trust and attention are keys to success but it takes time to build both!

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  • Here are few examples of what relevant messages could look like.

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    After sales a follow up message will lead to loyalty increase and a greater chance for a new purchase in the future.

    A chance to win a free prize will generate an increased interest in your brand and will also grow your customer base.

    Be meaningful and friendly. Think of yourself as being your customer.

    Reward your customers with special treats, such as discount coupons. They always work, and they dont have to use a scissors or to keep it safe.

    Create a Viral that will please your customer and will also generate additional interest for your business.

  • USSD Flash

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    USSD Flash is a perfect tool to deliver a message that requires a quick response from customers as it keeps a USSD session opened for up to 1 minute, therefore absolutely FREE for end-users to reply and browse your USSD Menu.Talk to us today to be amazed how exciting this tool is at 0949 067 077.

    And dont forget to use USSD Flash messages.

    They are very convenient when announcing hot deals, confirming appointments, orders or bookings etc., generating quiz questions and other relevant information that doesnt required to be stored on a mobile phone.

    Messages appear directly on a phone screen and will stay there until they are read.

    USSD Flash messages are more convenient and less intrusive for your customers as they normally dont produce sound when arrive on the phone.

    USSD Flash is priced at a global flat rate and is cheaper than SMS

  • Always ask for customers permission to accept advertising ask twice and provide clear options to opt-out in details

    Respect their privacy do not be intrusive, do not bombard people with just a bunch of dead text messages

    Entertain If its an SMS try to include a bit of a humour with it

    Stand out Remember that customers could potentially receive text messages from a number of other businesses, so you must grab their attention initially, or else you will be forgotten

    Personalise your campaigns or follow ups it is also pleasure for customers to see/hear their names

    Always deliver according to their preferences

    Make it easy to spread the word for you.Here are some useful rules:


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    100% resultguaranteed

  • Messaging 365 have an extremely broad range of services formarketing that have aided our business by targeting ourexisting customer and producing sales. The company is veryprogressive and constantly developing new initiatives thatbring a great flair, style and individuality to their productrange. The company is always completely on top of the brief. Apleasure to deal with.

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  • Messaging365 will work with you to create, implement, andmanage your mobile marketing campaigns in order to boostsales, interact with customers, build brand awareness andincrease your customers loyalty for FREE, as long as you keepusing Messaging365.

    There are no setup fees, no long-term contracts, no otherhidden costs simply PAY AS YOU GO!

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    happy messaging this Christmas

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