MariaDB adoption in Linux distributions and development environments

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  • 2017 MariaDB Foundation1 * *

    MariaDB adoption in Linux distributions and development environments

    Otto Keklinen@ottokekalainen

  • 2017 MariaDB Foundation2

    What is the MariaDB Foundation?

  • 2017 MariaDB Foundation3 * *

    The MariaDB FoundationEnsuring continuity and open collaboration

    in the MariaDB ecosystem

    Funded by Alibaba,,, Visma, DBS and many others.

  • 2017 MariaDB Foundation4

    The MariaDB Foundation and Corporation are separate entities

    Similar to WordPress / Automattic, BigBlueButton / Blindside, OwnCloud Foundation / Corporation.

    MariaDB Corporation is only one of the sponsors, contributes 1/7th of the yearly budget.

    The Foundation staff do not work for the MariaDB Corporation.

  • 2017 MariaDB Foundation5

    The MariaDB Foundation mission

    Ensuring continuityMake sure that MariaDB continues to thrive and stay maintained as long as there are users who need it.

    Open collaborationBe a place where everybody can contribute and collaborate using the best open source methodologies.

    Drive adoptionMake sure MariaDB is universally available and included on all major platforms, serving an ever growing community of users and developers.

  • 2017 MariaDB Foundation6 * *

    Foundation staff 7 people

    Make MariaDB available to as many users as possible (porting, packaging)

    Single contact point for collaboration and contributions

    Make sure all pull requests and patches are responded to promptly and properly reviewed

    Respond at, collaborate with security teams and publish CVEs

  • 2017 MariaDB Foundation7 * *

    Foundation development workFocusing on issues that benefit as many users as possible

    Work with community contributors to steward patches through the integration process

    Develop new features, tests, continuous integration and QA, packaging, tracking sister projects, security etc.

    Dedicated employee for documentation

    Grow new developers


    Increase adoption

    Connect users with specific needs to service providers

  • 2017 MariaDB Foundation8 * *

    Achievements in 2015 Release of 10.1 for General Availability, includes built-in

    Galera cluster support and new encryption features (contributed by Google), better performance and improved security features

    Developer Meetup in Amsterdam with over 60 attendees Ported to ARM, AIX, System Z, Power 8 etc. Increased community and adoption Read report at

  • 2017 MariaDB Foundation9 * *

    Achievements in 2016 10.2 in development during 2016

    window functions, common table expressions... MyRocks, Flashback

    Developer Meetup in Amsterdam with over 70 attendees Ported to MIPS, HPPA; refreshed for MacOS X Increased community and adoption...

    The topic of this talk! Read report at

  • 2017 MariaDB Foundation10

    MariaDB adoption?

    Everybody knows MySQL.It will take time for MariaDB to

    become as widely known.

  • 2017 MariaDB Foundation11 * *

    MySQL history Development started in 1994, released 1995 MySQL AB founded by David Axmark, Allan

    Larsson and Michael "Monty" Widenius 1995 Named after Monty's daughter My General Public License v2 (GPL) since 2000 MySQL is the M in LAMP

  • 2017 MariaDB Foundation12 * *


    MySQL mentioned in the Social Network movie

  • 2017 MariaDB Foundation13 * *

    MySQL hugely popular since year ~2000

    Oudated slide from Oracle's presentation

  • 2017 MariaDB Foundation14 * *

    MariaDB history Anticipating the ill fate of MySQL it was forked Goal to keep the open source project going Named after Monty's youngest daughter MariaDB 5.1 released in October 2009 And indeed, Oracle did close down many

    aspects of the open source project MySQL

  • 2017 MariaDB Foundation15 * *

    Open source principles at MariaDB Publish code in real time, not just at release time. Discuss and plan on public mailing list and IRC. Public bug tracker, transparent progress and priorities. Respond quickly to pull requests on Github and to bug reports

    that have patches attached. Keep documentation up-to-date, develop documentation

    alongside code and also allow contributions in documentation. Regular, free-to-attend developer meetups. True open source, not just code dumps

  • 2017 MariaDB Foundation16 * *

    The history of forks Linus Nyman, 2015:

    Any instance in which the code of a program is copied, modified, and reused to start or develop another program.

  • 2017 MariaDB Foundation17 * *

    Open source governance

    =Behave, or get forked!

  • 2017 MariaDB Foundation18 * *

    Many were unsatisfied and forked MySQL.. Drizzle (MySQL 6.0 branch, now abandoned) WebScaleSQL by Facebook, Google etc Percona Server, XtraDB and Cluster MySQL Galera Cluster AliSQL by Alibaba TMySQL by Tencent

  • 2017 MariaDB Foundation19 * *

    MariaDB success Steady cadence in releases:

    2012: 5.5 2014: 10.0 2015: 10.1

    Ported to ARM, AIX, System Z, Power 8 etc 10.2 to be released soon

  • 2017 MariaDB Foundation20 * *

    MariaDB success

    Steadily increasing LOC(10.1 branch / ranking of MariaDB






  • 2017 MariaDB Foundation21 * *




  • 2017 MariaDB Foundation22 * *

    MariaDB success

    Google Trends for mariadb

  • 2017 MariaDB Foundation23 * *

    MariaDB adoption: Linux distributions Red Hat

    MariaDB 5.5 has been the default "MySQL" database since RHEL 7

    SUSE MariaDB 10.0 is the default relational

    database option on SLES 12 SP2

  • 2017 MariaDB Foundation24 * *

    MariaDB adoption: Linux distributions Debian

    MariaDB 10.0 available in Debian 8 MariaDB 10.1 the default in Debian 9

    Ubuntu MariaDB 5.5 available since Ubuntu 12.04 Maybe default in 2018?

  • 2017 MariaDB Foundation25 * *

  • 2017 MariaDB Foundation26 * *

  • 2017 MariaDB Foundation27 * *

  • 2017 MariaDB Foundation28

  • 2017 MariaDB Foundation29

    When will Ubuntu also switch to MariaDB by default?

  • 2017 MariaDB Foundation30

    A good sign for MariaDB in Ubuntu?

  • 2017 MariaDB Foundation31

  • 2017 MariaDB Foundation32 * *

    MariaDB adoption: software, WikiMedia OwnCloud (NextCloud) Drupal WordPress

  • 2017 MariaDB Foundation33 * *


    MariaDB 10.1


  • 2017 MariaDB Foundation34 * *


  • 2017 MariaDB Foundation35 * *

    MariaDB adoption: dev environments LAMP distributions

    XAMPP WAMP Zend Server ServerPress VVV

  • 2017 MariaDB Foundation36 * *

    Nginx growing LAMP LEMP Apache Nginx

  • 2017 MariaDB Foundation37 * *

    Hosting marketing Hosting companies

    that want to show they are leading edge boast with MariaDB

  • 2017 MariaDB Foundation38

    Benefits of widely used open source software like MariaDB

    Quality: The bigger the community is, the faster the software evolves.

    No lock-in: Software stays open source, ecosystem has multiple vendors.

    No dead-end: Big user base guarantees availability of software and people.

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  • 2017 MariaDB Foundation39

    Given enough eyeballs all bugs are shallow Linus's law

  • 2017 MariaDB Foundation40 * *

    MariaDB community grows

  • 2017 MariaDB Foundation41 * *

    MariaDB community grows

  • 2017 MariaDB Foundation42

    There are plenty of opportunities to contribute

    Scratch your own itch!

  • 2017 MariaDB Foundation43 * *

    Towards the best solution in the worldUsing the open source software development model

  • 2017 MariaDB Foundation44