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Magazine Construction: Image Manipulation

Magazine Construction: Image Manipulation

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  • 1. Magazine Construction: Image Manipulation

2. Before I could create the magazine cover, I needed to edit and manipulate my chosen image from our photo shoot in order to make it suitable for the cover of a film based magazine. I began by using the pen tool to select an area of the actress face to edit. I selected the scar on her head, which I had painted on previously in the photo shoot. 3. After selecting the area, I went into the image tab and adjusted the colour balance so I could make the fake blood darker and seem more realistic. The picture on the left is the result of my alterations. 4. As the actress is supposed to be dead, I decided that her skin needed to be paler and lifeless. By using the pen tool to cut around her face, I was able to make her skin paler by adjusting the saturation and lightness of the selected segment. This also made the face paint I had applied in the photo shoot more even with less visible patches. 5. Next, I used the pen tool to adjust the darkness of the black eye make up under the actress eyes. I altered the brightness of the section and increased the contrast in order to make the dark colour stand out against her pale skin. 6. I decided to adjust the darkness of the actress eyebrows in order to give her a more bold and harsh look. I used the pen tool as I did in the previous transformations before altering the saturation and lightness of the area. 7. In order to make the horror theme more apparent, I decided to use the paintbrush tool to create blood shot eyes by drawing in faint pink lines within the actress eyes. 8. After looking at the finer details, I realised that the image as a whole was too light. I made the whole image darker, which made the actress pale skin stand out even more. I also noticed that the actress t shirt would not fit in with the them. I removed the logo by blending the area with the replacement tool, using the plain areas of the t shirt. 9. This is the finished, fully manipulated image which I am now ready to use for the magazine front cover.