LinkedIn Recruiter Search Best Practices

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  • 1. Tip Sheet Advanced Search Tips The right person youre looking for is already on LinkedIn. The key is in knowing how to build an effective search that will help you find prospective candidates with the skills, experience and qualifications required to fill the position. Search for what people do, not just words they say. 1. Review the job description and enter key words and phrases that you would expect to find in a highly qualified candidates profile in the appropriate advanced search fields to build your search string. Keyword searches will search all text in the profile. Adding Boolean modifiers (AND, OR, NOT, parenthesis and quotes) can help pinpoint candidates with the skills and prior experience required. 2. Use refinement filters to further refine your results by: o Current/past companies o Relationship to you o Industry o Company Size o Fortune o Company Type o Location o Level of Seniority o Years in Current Position o Years at Company o Years of Experience o All Groups o Schools o Recommendations o Profile languages o Interest in opportunities o When they joined Linkedin The top 5 for each filter will show by default. Select Show more to view the top 10 and add additional criteria to the input box in the filter. For example, in this picture, you could choose Greater New York and enter London into the input box to look for profiles in those two locations. 3. Review and add profiles to the clipboard or save them to a Project for save keeping. 4. Finally, save your search and turn on the alert! Then you can run the search again in the future and Recruiter will run the search automatically each night looking for new members or profiles that match. 08-RC-SRCH