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  1. 1. Computer Applications in Knitting Dr.S.Kathirrvelu Professor-text.Tech
  2. 2. Knitting Principles Knitting is a fabric forming process that converts yarns into fabrics and accounts more than 30% from the total textile production According to the yarn feeding system, two knitting techniques are known, namely weft and warp. By weft knitting, the loops are formed from a single thread within the same row (figure 9.1), whereas the warp knitting produces a fabric from warp yarns that run vertically and parallel to each other (figure 9.2)
  3. 3. The frame, which is an independent stand, designed to accommodate the majority of machines mechanisms. The yarn feed consists of the yarn package or warp beam, tensioning devices, yarn feed control and yarn feed carriers or guides. The knitting area includes the knitting elements, needle beds, drive and control, as well as pattern selection. The fabric take-down mechanism includes fabric tensioning, wind-up and accommodation devices. The quality control system includes stop motions, fault detectors, automatic oilers and others, according to the machine developments. The machine control and drive system generating the power driving the devices and mechanisms.