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  • 1.Life cant get more real when youre Managing Change Introducing Our Myth Busters: Kartik Kanakasabesan Manager: Jazz JumpstartSean Innes Product Manager: Change and Release Mgmt.CRM01 CRM Keynote 2009 IBM Corporation

2. IBM Rational Software Conference 2009We would like to present...CRM01 CRM keynote 2 3. IBM Rational Software Conference 2009 CRM Myths CRM01 CRM keynote 3 4. IBM Rational Software Conference 2009Lets practice a little (just for fun)CRM01 CRM keynote 4 5. IBM Rational Software Conference 2009 The term 'bug' wascoined in 1945 whena trapped moth was found to be the cause of amalfunction in a primitive computer at HarvardCRM01 CRM keynote 5 6. IBM Rational Software Conference 2009Microsoft once announced it was developing aportable toilet, called the iLoo, in which users couldsurf the InternetCRM01 CRM keynote 6 7. IBM Rational Software Conference 2009HAL, the computer in the film 2001: ASpace Odyssey,was named after IBM, with each lettershifted back one place in the alphabet. CRM01 CRM keynote 7 8. IBM Rational Software Conference 2009Now lets move onto our first CRM Myth!CRM01 CRM keynote 8 9. IBM Rational Software Conference 2009 Change Managementfocuses on Defectsonly!CRM01 CRM keynote 9 10. IBM Rational Software Conference 2009 What is the business impact of not managing change?Delayed and missed releases Increased development costs Poor and unpredictable quality Customer dissatisfactionCRM01 CRM keynote 10 11. IBM Rational Software Conference 2009 Change Management: At the core of Software DeliveryLack of proper change management hits directly at the bottom lineWhat types of pain does a lack of changemanagement processes cause your company?Here are but a few examples:SAP sued over 'complete failure' of software (Mar. 2008)BlackBerry Storm delay caused by software issues (Nov. 2008)NIST Report: Software Errors Cost U.S. Economy $59.5 Billion Annually (June 2002) CRM01 CRM keynote 11 12. IBM Rational Software Conference 2009 Change DriversNew Offerings Use to enter new markets or segments within existing marketsBUSINESS FOCUS AND IMPACT Business EnhancementsValueNew OfferingAdds newcapabilities anddifferentiationDefects EfficiencyImproves overall QualityEnhancementsControl DefectSCOPEChange is the Driver of all Software DeliveryCRM01 CRM keynote12 13. IBM Rational Software Conference 2009 Types of Change RISK REWARD Continuous Improvement Constant small incremental improvements that result collectively yield sizable benefits Innovation Radical or large scale shift yielding substantial benefitsBoth Continuous Improvement and Innovation are key to an effective Change Management strategyCRM01 CRM keynote 13 14. IBM Rational Software Conference 2009 Driving business success! Foster creativityDefine andPrioritize workand innovation Automate processes with theDevelop the rightAssign ownership right tooling metrics for governingProvide AuditSize the processtrails and to the team(s) &Escalate riskshistorical records riskCollaborate AutomateReport Achieve common goals Increase control Continuously improve by optimizing howand efficiency byby measuring progresspeople workintegrating workflowsin real timeCRM01 CRM keynote14 15. IBM Rational Software Conference 2009 Change Managementfocuses on Defectsonly!CRM01 CRM keynote 15 16. IBM Rational Software Conference 2009 Lets catch up!!Software Analyzer 7.0.1 (Jan, 09) Shell sharing with RAD, AppScan DECC & CQ 7.1 (Nov, 08)Floating Licenses CQ ALM Appliance (Feb 09)CCRC agile process support and CQ7.1 web server, DB2 with ALMworkspaces Schema, Linux, FLEXLM serverCQ web BF 7.1 (Dec, 08)Common CM Server Job Process Optimization - ConditionalCC MS Global Monitor and Iterative StepsCC CCRC CLI (Feb 09) Project Configuration Snapshots Rational Team Concert IntegrationRSCRSDC JulyAugSept Oct Nov Dec Jan FebMar April June, 2008 June, 2009 Synergy 7.0 & Change 5.1 (Dec, 08) Synergy 7.0New WAN client for working from home andglobally dispersed sitesMainsoft Document collaborationUp to 50x faster over the WANfor Rational Jazz 1.0 (Feb, 09) RTC 1.0.1 (Oct, 08) Change 5.1 IBM Lotus QuickrFloating Licenses Central & Remote CRsMicrosoft SharePointNon-Secure Proxy supportEnterprise Change Process, CMMI Level 3 / 4Integration with RRC, RQMRTC (Feb, 09)SQL Server support Translations 13 languages Visual Studio ClientCRM01 CRM keynote16 17. IBM Rational Software Conference 2009 Released ClearCase & ClearQuest 7.1Nov 2008 Nov 2008 Real Teams, Real Results! & ClearQuestRational ClearQuest WebRational ClearCase Remote Client (CCRC)for the Teamfor the Developer"The new ClearQuest web 2.0 interface is familiar, dynamic and state-of-the-art. With most of our company using ClearQuest -"Siemens is able to easily get including developers, human resources, legal remote development sites up and and IT - the ease of use can potentially lead to running in a fraction of the time huge productivity gains. utilizing the new ClearCase Remote Client (CCRC) interface. -- Mike Warfield, Mentor Graphics-- Rainer Ersch, Siemens AG CRM01 CRM keynote 17 18. IBM Rational Software Conference 2009 Team Concert is just for Java Developers!CRM01 CRM keynote 18 19. IBM Rational Software Conference 2009 Released Mainsoft Document Collaboration Feb 2009 Feb 2009 for Rational Jazz Collaboration in context Extend development teams collaboration toolkit with direct, per-project document linkagesEnd-to-end governance Improve the transparency of software deliveries as well as automate and enforce project governanceBusiness stakeholders can participatein software deliveriesConnect with Using their preferred collaboration tools Microsoft SharePoint or either Microsoft or LotusLotus Quickr CRM01 CRM keynote19 20. IBM Rational Software Conference 2009Released Team Concert Visual Studio Client Feb 2009 Feb 2009Enables you to workwithin Visual StudioAccess RTC capabilities like joinproject, create work items, runqueries, compare versions, viewpending changesManage buildswithin Visual StudioUse MS-Build command line buildswith Team Concert continuousIntegration build engineLink command line MS-Builds to theTeam Concert build toolkit and storeresults in the Team ConcertrepositoryCollaborate across teams 20 CRM01 CRM keynote 20 21. IBM Rational Software Conference 2009 Team Concert is just for Java Developers!CRM01 CRM keynote 21 22. IBM Rational Software Conference 2009ClearCase Latest News!! ClearQuest Build Forge 7.1.1 (June, 09)Rational Automation Framework for WebSphereSoftware Analyzer 7.x(May, 09)(Q3 09)AprilMayJune JulyAugust Synergy 7.1Team ConcertInsightEnterprise Server 2.0 Change 5.2 (May, 09)(June, 09)(June, 09) Team Concert 2.0(June, 09)CRM01 CRM keynote 22 23. IBM Rational Software Conference 2009 Build Forge is so much more than a build tool!CRM01 CRM keynote 23 24. IBM Rational Software Conference 2009Released IBM Rational Build Forge 7.1.1May 2009 May 2009 Advancing Software Delivery AutomationRational Automation Framework for WebSphereArchitectural Overview Scalable WebSphere Application Server / WebSphere Portal Server administrationMulti-cell WebSphere managementRational Automation DevelopmentEnvironment build out management Framework for WebSphere Reduce risk of patching and upgradesChange management for WebSphereQAconfigurationAuditable configuration changes Staging Minimize human interaction and errorApplication deployment automationConfiguration capture and comparison Production Ease identification of application issues vs. infrastructure issuesSourceControlAble to easily roll back configuration changesCRM01 CRM keynote 24 25. IBM Rational Software Conference 2009Build Forge is for software process automationFront-OfficeBack-Office ConsumersWorkflow AutomationProduction AutomationUsers Creative Behavior Procedural RigorDevelopmentOperationsDevOps Software Delivery AutomationPr Co DeDe HaBuPa StPa ReTeod agdp s ild stn ck ckq ig in lo do uiuc eagag ngy reftiof e em n/ en GtAsCRM01 CRM keynote 25 26. IBM Rational Software Conference 2009 Leveraging Build ForgeCentralized automation server oriented to software development activitiesDistributed automation system Automation ServerClientssupporting huge variety ofplatformsWindows, Linux, Unix, Mac, z/OS,i5/OS, zLinux, Tandem, etc. Enterprise Proven automationplatformDatabaseApplication Server AgentRational Automation TargetsAgent Assetworker workerAnalyzerserver AgentServer Agent AgentServerserverAgentClearCaseworkerworker workerworker RationalAsset Manager Rational AppScan Build Forge provides an adaptive framework that allows development teams to standardize and automate repetitive tasks, share essential product information, and respond quickly to change. CRM01 CRM keynote 26 27. IBM Rational Software Conference 2009 Build Forge is so much more than a build tool!CRM01 CRM keynote 27 28. IBM Rational Software Conference 2009Available IBM Rational Change 5.2June 2009June 2009 Ready-to-use schemas, processes and procedures that embody the bestpractices based on expertise from IBM and thousands users Enterprise Change Process, industry proven lifecycle, is now a standard lifecycle Enterprise Change Process, advanced customization features now become out of the box capabilities Powerful reporting including CR Burn Down Charts and CMMI level 4 metricsSecurity Enhancements allowing organizations to open a Change tosubcontractors or suppliers Folder security for Queries, Reports and Report FormatsUsability & Performance improvements facilitating end user acceptance Graphical process help Extended Text support Performance improvement for loading large submit and show dialog boxes (up to 40%)CRM01 CRM keynote 28 29. IBM Rational Software Conference 2009 Available IBM Rational Synergy 7.1 June 2009June 2009 Unify global teams with enhanced Web Mode support for: Link Based Work Area Extended CLI commands Synergy CCM server administration improvements Ability f