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<p>IT DISASTERS</p> <p>We all have our personal IT disasters!</p> <p>YES! This actually happened!Phone alarm not set; missing work or a quiz</p> <p>Failures of Innovation and IT2014 - Cloud Technology: Apples iCloud hack that led to over 500 leaked nude photos of female celebrities</p> <p>2013 - City of Toronto and many other communities throughout North America experienced a hydro blackout, which left 50 million people without power. </p> <p>2006 - Dell Laptop explodes at Trade show in Japan</p> <p>2003 - Northeast Blackout for over 50 million people</p> <p>1983 - Faulty Soviet early warning system nearly causes WWIIICAUSES - THE WHY???Human error e.g Forgetfulness, Undermining, Carelessness- 55%</p> <p>Technical software/Hardware failures e.g Viruses and Bugs - 20%</p> <p>Poor Resource Allocation (Murphy's Law)- 10%</p> <p>Organizational hindrances e.g Malaysia Airlines - 6%</p> <p>Acts of God e.g storms and floods- 15%</p> <p>Defense factors/ Poor facilitation - 3%CAUSES - THE WHY???</p> <p>Journal of Loss Prevention in the Process Industries 16 (2003)</p> <p>EffectsLost: ProductivityRevenueCustomersOpportunitiesLivesBrand DamageHigher costs of OperationsBusiness sell-outsHowever, New:Jobs e.g. Auditors, risk managers, Damage controlContractsAttitudes/LessonsInsurance wins</p> <p>IT DISASTER RECOVERY PLANS AND STRATEGIESThis usually involves four phases :</p> <p> Plan of Activation Prevention Response Recovery</p> <p>NOTE:Always in ProgressGiving your life to IT - More disastersBack upQuick response - .......A swift and effective response requires functions to work together in a planned, coordinated and synchronized manner. (City of Toronto Disaster Recovery Planning Audit Report, 2008)Bob Laliberte is a disaster analyst with the Enterprise Strategy GroupMany companies cant any tolerate downtime - whatsoeverAsk yourself!How Disaster-prepared is your company</p> <p>How disaster-prepared are you?ReferencesBusiness Insights: Global. Web. 5 Nov. 2014.Stuart. "Recipe For Banking IT disasters." Computing 28 Apr. 2014: 14.Continuity Central Survey: Bob Laliberte, 2014"UNESCO Journal for Annual IT Disasters""Journal of Loss Prevention In The Process Industries" 16 (2003) - Ibrahim M. Shaluf, Fakhrul-Razi Ahmadun, Abdul Rashid ShariffDepartment of Chemical and Environmental Engineering, University Putra Malaysia, Serdang, Selangor 43400, Malaysia http://www.continuitysoftware.com</p>