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IPTV Application Development | Channel development with Newvue IPTV platform provider | IPTV app dev | application developers IPTV | IPTV OTT middleware development

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IPTV Channel developers. Newvue is a pioneering technology company that specializes in Channel Development for content owners and IPTV Consulting for government and private sector organizations. Our solutions allow anyone to access HD internet video on their television, computer, or mobile device

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  • 1. OverviewNewvue is the leader in IPTV channel development for content owners looking to deliver movies, TV shows,and music across the multitude of IPTV platforms. Utilizing the latest in IPTV and OTT technology we canprovide your fans with instant access to both live programming and your entire library of content, allowingyou to monetize your content in new and exciting ways.IPTV Growth and OpportunityIt is no secret that IPTV is ushering in a new era of television service and consumption. By year-end 2009, IPTVhad already made its way in to over 6 million households in the US and generated over $4 billion in revenue.In the coming four years, SNL Kagan forecasts the global IPTV subscriber base to grow at an 18.8%compound annual growth rate, giving the platform an 8.3% share of total multichannel households andannual global revenues of over $22 billion by 2013.As a content owner, now is the time to take advantage of this rapidly growing marketplace. Becomingingrained in the IPTV world will allow you take a piece of the $22 billion pie, and moving quickly means youcan grab market and mind share before your competition. The early moveradvantage will soon be lost, as soon enoughevery content owner will make their contentavailable on these systems. To put this Global IPTV subscribers, 2007-2013 Millions of subscriptionsstruggle for screen share in perspective, the 70Apple App Store launched in July of 2008 60with 500 apps and by January of 2011 there 50were over 400,000 apps available. The earlier 40you become a part of the IPTV world, the 30easier it will be to be recognized as a quality 20 10content provider and not just another logoon a menu screen. 0 07 08 09 10 11 12 13 SOURCE: Digital Tech Consulting Copyright 2011 Newvue. All rights reserved.
  • 2. Platform PotpourriIPTV presents an entirely new realm of opportunity to content owners and distributors. No longer forced torely on distribution from cable operators with unfavorable terms and conditions, IPTV allows your contentto reach any viewer with an Internet connection and a television set. Millions of new eyeballs are waiting foryour content, how are you going to be seen by them?Between cable company apps, TVs rolling off the assembly line with the Internet built in, connected gamingconsoles, web enabled Blu-Ray players, 3rd party software, and set top boxes, the IPTV ecosystem is alreadyhighly fragmented. Few companies have the knowledge and resources to both pick the right platforms andthen build for them. Newvue does because this is what we do every day.Working with Newvue will give you the expertise in choosing the best platforms to place your content,creating an engaging user experience that can be transferred across screens, and the best ways to monetizeyour content for the creation of brand new revenue streams. Copyright 2011 Newvue. All rights reserved.
  • 3. We Dont Make Apps, We Make ChannelsApps are wonderful tools and the openness of the various app ecosystems has provided a wealth ofopportunities for content providers and developers. However, a true IPTV solution requires so much morethan an app that provides little in functionality beyond an RSS feed of your latest content.Content owners looking to be successful in this space need full-fledged channels that integrate simple andpleasing GUIs, a content organizational structure that makes both live and archived content easily foundand viewed, reporting that provides true insight in to what is being watched, a billing system that is as easyfor consumers to use as it is for content owners to manage, and security that ensures the content serveddoes not wind up on sharing sites immediately after being served.With the entire GUI takingadvantage of Over The Top(OTT) technology we candeliver 30 f/s animated menutransitions and sub 100msresponse time that getsusers where they want to goquicker than traditionalcable and satellite systems.These factors and many others The Newvue GUI is fully customizable to match your branding and content formatsare why when content ownersrealize they need to beinvolved in the IPTV worldthey turn to Newvue. Copyright 2011 Newvue. All rights reserved.
  • 4. The ProcessSo how do we do it? Taking your content from its current form to ready-for-IPTV is a rather simple (for us) 6step process. We ensure your content is streamable, searchable, safe, and most importantly sellable. Thecurrent form of your content and internal systems may allow you to not need all steps in the process andwill allow for quicker implementation. Content Infusion The Newvue Content Infusion System (CIS), a multi-faceted tool set for content ingestion, editing, and metadata tagging will prepare your content for the robust segmentation and searching features provided by our middleware and customer interface.Encoding Our development team is always working with newcodecs and compression formats so we retain the ability to changeyour video from its current format to any other you may need. Encryption and DRM Infusion Using our own proprietary DRM system, we can keep your content secure yet easily accessible to your end-users. All streams are sent with 128 bit encryption and are only viewable through our secure authentication platform. Copyright 2011 Newvue. All rights reserved.
  • 5. Distribution Newvue leverages Level3s network infrastructure to deliver HD video through the cloud with no service interruptions and the highest data throughput rates possible.Billing Simplify the method of monetizing your content withNewvues billing platform. We can accommodate a variety ofmethods including pre and post pay, VOD, monthly subscriptions,event PPV, and pay per minute. Reporting A highly customizable admin panel and reporting tool will let you know everything you want to know about how your content is consumed so you can maximize your contents revenue potential.ConclusionIf you are looking for new ways to distribute and monetize your content by taking advantage of the rapidlygrowing IPTV market, Newvue is the perfect choice for your development partner. We can offer yourconsumers more ways to find and enjoy all of the wonderful content you have available in ways that betterfit their natural consumption habits. Contact us today to discuss how to build new revenue streams andtake full advantage of IPTV technology by emailing [email protected] Copyright 2011 Newvue. All rights reserved.