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2. OF THE WORKFORCE MILLENNIALS ARE THE FASTEST GROWING SEGMENT 3. WILL ADOPT SOCIAL TOOLS OVER EMAIL BY 2014 % 20 OF ALL BUSINESS USERS - According to Gartner 4. WILL CONDUCT WORK ON PERSONAL SMART DEVICES BY 2018 % 70 OF MOBILE PROFESSIONALS - According to Gartner 5. THE NEW EXPECTATION CORPORATE TECHNOLOGY MUST MATCH THE SIMPLICITY AND POWER OF CONSUMER TOOLS. 6. ROBUST RELEVANT ELEGANT SOCIAL TAILORED MOBILE PRODUCTIVITY HAS CHANGED 7. ENTERPRISE VIEW POINTS ADOPTION 8. Despite investments in productivity, adoption is a common challenge. Standards for enterprise tools are higher than ever. Simply put, we adopt technology that we enjoy. 9. Solution: Companies are turning to User Centered Design. Focus on User Research as a way to satisfy real-world needs. Providetailored navigationandcontent. Deliverrole-basedfunctionality. Engageuserswithvalue-creation. 10. A path of Continuous Improvement, from productivity to value-creation. Usability Adoption Engagement 11. SOCIALBUSINESS VIEW POINTS 12. TRANSFORM COMMUNICATION SPARK INTERACTION SURFACE EXPERTISE ENGAGE YOUR WORKFORCE THE AIM OF SOCIAL BUSINESS 13. Social operates in real-time and produces to a higher standard. More effective in time-sensitive situations. Promoteaccesstosubject-matter experts. Reduceunmanaged workflow reliantonemailandspreadsheets. Improvespeed to market. 14. MOBILE VIEW POINTS FRIENDLY 15. POINT-OF-NEED FUNCTIONALITY STAYING CONNECTED ON-THE-GO UNINTERRUPTED WORKFLOW MOBILE BUSINESS IS ABOUT THE ESSENTIALS 16. Access to high-value features anytime, anywhere. 1. Staff Directories 2.ProjectSitesandActivityFeeds 3.DocumentCollaboration/Workflow 4.Calendars 5.CampusMaps 6.MeetingRoomAvailability 17. DESIGN CONTENT TECHNOLOGY DIGITAL STRATEGY BRING IT ALL TOGETHER 18. Short bits of knowledge, by our friendly technology experts. READ OUR POSTS ON WORKFORCE PRODUCTIVITY