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Text of Internet2 Member Meeting 20120424 general session transformation

  • 1. WELCOME Dave Lamber t President & CEO, Inter net22 2012 Internet2

2. Thank you, Program Committee!!Don E. McLaughlin (Chair)! Lucy Lynch!Edward Aractingi!Iara Machado!Thomas Barton! Thomas McDermott!Carl Brandt !Chris Misra!Marianne Chitwood! Kim Owen!Nick Cross!Alex Sadeghi!Terry Doub!Anil Srivastava!Darleene Heath!Litsa Varonis!Sally Jackson! Rodney Wilson!John Killebrew!Ann Zimmerman!George Laskaris!!3 2012 Internet2 3. Thank you, sponsors!4 2012 Internet2 4. 5 2012 Internet2 5. ROSE AWARD" David Lassner" Vice President for Information Technology & Chief Information Ofcer, University of Hawaii" 2010 Rose Award Winner and 2012 Rose Award Committee Member"6 2012 Internet2 6. Rose Award background!Named in honor of Richard Rose (19472007), thisannual award honors:! K20 educators or technologists who have had a demonstrable impact on the K20 community by extending the reach of advanced networking, content and services to the broadest education community! Leaders who bring together diverse communities around common goals and projects! Individuals with signicant accumulated accomplishments in the Internet2 K20 community!7 2012 Internet2 7. President and CEO Emeritus, Corp forWinner: Jim Dolgonas!Education Network Initiatives in CA (CENIC) Jim has worked tirelessly to include the K-20 community in all aspects of CENIC. He has had a hand in many important projects that extend to the educational community and beyond, reaching underserved areas throughout California through their communities anchor institutions. ! His foresight in anticipating the importance of reaching these institutions with broadband capabilities predated the development of current national and state-level efforts by at least a decadeand proved pivotal in their implementation.!8 2012 Internet2 8. Presidents Leadership Award background!Given for exceptionalleadership and serviceexemplifying the essence ofInternet2 membership, enablingservices and achievementsbeyond the scope of anyindividual institution benetingthe national and globalresearch and educationcommunity!9 2012 Internet2 9. Senior Technology Architect, Computing andAwardee: RL Bob Morgan!Communications, University of WashingtonActivities Bob has played a major role in leading, guiding, or creating: Internet2, Internet2 Middle-ware Initiative, NSF MiddlewareInitiative, InCommon (co-chair, InCommon TAC), Shibboleth,CAMP/Advance CAMP, IETF(Idapext, SASL, PKIx, TLS),Internet Society, eduPerson,Directories, MACE (Grouper, Signet, Directories), OASIS (SecurityServices, SAML),, Network Applications Consortium (NAC), TERENA (TF-EMC2, REfed)! and more10 2012 Internet2 10. TRANSFORMING THE RESEARCH AND EDUCATION COMMUNITY" Mary Sue Coleman" President, University of Michigan" Chair, Internet2 Board of Trustees"11 2012 Internet2 11. THE INTERNET2 COMMUNITY: FROM EMPOWERMENT TO TRANSFORMATION" Molly Corbett Broad" President, American Council on Education (ACE)"12 2012 Internet2 12. The Internet2 Community: From Empowerment to TransformationSpring 2012 Internet2 Member Meeting Molly Corbett Broad, PresidentApril 24, 2012Arlington, VA 13. The Beauty of Internet2 Helps individuals andorganizations become moreinnovative and creative Drives new alternativesthrough collaboration 14. Internet2"The whole equals thesum of its parts. 15. A New Competitive Landscape"IndiaPopulation of 1.2 billionGDP rose by an average of 7%each year since 1997ChinaPopulation of 1.3 billionGDP rose 10% each year for last30 years Source: CIA World Factbook. 16. New Workforce Demands" Unemployment Rate by Educational Attainment 2010 15% 10%7% 5%No HS DiplomaHS Graduate Associate BA or HigherDegreeSource: Bureau of Labor Statistics, January 2011 17. Jobs in Todays (and Tomorrows)Workforce Require More Education" 2018Percentage of Workforce by Education Level 200240% 40% 1973 32% 33%35%32%30% 29%28%27% 30% 25% 16% 20%12%15%11% 10%10% 5% 0%Bachelors &Some College / High School HigherHigh SchoolAssociatesGraduate DropoutSource: Carnevale, Anthony P. et al. (June 2010). Help Wanted: Projections of Jobs and EducationRequirements Through 2018. Georgetown Center on Education and the 18. When there isunmet need,there isopportunity" 19. A DifferentApproach toLearning" 20. Bringing New Ideas Together toTransformInstitutions" 21. THE MOVE TO SERVICES: THE VISION FOR NET+ SERVICES" Shel Waggener" Associate Vice Chancellor for IT and CIO, University of California - Berkeley, and" Senior Vice President NET+ Services, Internet2"22 2012 Internet2 22. Above-CampusBradley Wheeler CIO VP & CIO Indiana University Services Shaping the EDUCAUSE Review, Promise of CloudNov/Dec 2009 Computing for Higher Education!IllustraFon by Randy Lyhus 2009 23 2012 Internet2 23. A (short) history of IT! Technology advancement Innovation! Higher ed test bed of the newest things! Central IT agrees to purchase and support! Deployment is long and expensive! Department level adoption is complex! Industry innovates to eliminate complexity! Central IT again out of touch with latest technology! Process starts over!24 2012 Internet2 24. Amazing time of change! #1 Funding Models!#4 #2Technology Leap! IT"Pedagogy &Online! #3 Globalization!25 2012 Internet2 25. Funding Models: Research universities affected at all levels! We have been through the most serious Global"recession since the Great Depressionwhich has lasting global economic effects! Federal" The US federal scal decit is large! States have large structural decit, longState"queue of underfunded mandates (K-12,infrastructure, pensions)! Global investment in higher education isResearchUniversity" increasing" ! !26 2012 Internet2 26. Pedagogy & Online: Its an online world !27 2012 Internet2 27. Globalization: The higher ed world is getting smaller!28 2012 Internet2 28. Technology Leap: Explosive change! Costs of startup are dropping! Cycle times are plummeting! Cloudaccess without planning! Connecting everyone with every bit of data!29 2012 Internet2 29. The Future IS Here!"The cloud, mobility and the shift to social. These three things together are creating a revolution!!Marc Benioff, chief executive of,in his onstage conversation with conferenceco-moderator, Tim OReilly, at Web 2.0!30 2012 Internet2 30. Higher Ed IT Are we ready?! What does higher education IT need to do differently to leverage these trends? " !31 2012 Internet2 31. Everyone tries to solve problems, but ultimately we are just pulling against one another! !32 2012 Internet2 32. Collaboration vs cooperation!Collaboration is not the same as cooperation.Collaboration requires alignment around a common goal.Collaboration is about doing something together.Collaboration only lasts as long as the alignment aroundcommon purpose lasts.!! ! ! !James Hilton, University of Virginia!!33 2012 Internet2 33. The Internet2 NET+ Approach! Coordinate existing Internet2 beyond and network initiatives" Develop technical and business models for above-the-network services! Leverage the network, middleware initiatives and federated authentication within a unied services organization! Develop new programs with third-party vendors exploring:" Alternative specications! Interoperability requirements! Service-level denitions! Business services and pricing models"34 2012 Internet2 34. Internet2 NET+ Services: Four phases!Research ServiceGeneralIncubator!Validation!Early Adopter!Availability!Trial phase for Member CIOs as Capped number of Full availability to target development from steering commiAee. par7cipa7ng community. Contracts concept to early Proof of concept, ins7tu7ons. Business signed and service level service. Limited tuning of service, model nalized. agreements in place. expecta7on of and development of Master contract produc7on pilot from business model. developed. as is state 35 2012 Internet2 35. Domains for collaboration!Value $$ Challenge Creative Commons3.0 k !Credit BradleyWheeler, IU!Individuals Departments Schools Campuses Ins7tu7ons 36 2012 Internet2 36. Experience yields improvement!Challenge Value $$ Creative Commons3.0 k !Credit BradleyWheeler, IU!Individuals Departments Schools Campuses Ins7tu7ons 37 2012 Internet2 37. Essential tool for the new normal! Achieve more! ! Serve our mission! Favorable economics (over time)! Align institution to external environment!38 2012 Internet2 38. Multiple cloud services! Provide access to Dells datacenters through the Internet2 Network to allow better use of Dell services! John Mullen VP and General Manager NA Public Business Group" 39. INTERNET2 NET+ NEW SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENTS " Jerrold Grochow" Vice President for NET+ Services (Interim)," Internet2"40 2012 Internet2 40. Its been a busy six months!! Working with Service Validation and Early Adopter programs! Exploring opportunities with vendors inside and outside our community! Growing the Internet2 NET+ Services organization and establishing processes!This Session: Announcements! !41 2012 Internet2 41. Types of NET+ Services!SaaS Communi-OtherIaas-PaaS cations as aServices" Software for Service" Infrastructureacademic,Services ofand platformadministrative, Helping us interest andservices!infrastructurecommunicate value to the needs! and collaborate!community! 42. Types of NET+ Services!Special DesignedCommunityOffering Co-Marketing"ServiceProviders" TermsDiscount to the Customized for Internet2Service of, by,the Internet2 Available toand for the Internet2 community! community community!community! 43. ANNOUNCEMENTS"44 2012 Internet2 44. Addressing the le sharing challenge! Enables users to securely store and share content via multipleDesigneddevices and applications! ServiceCustomized for Announcing: General A