Increasing online conversion through persuasive design

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...How to help customers get over the conversion hurdle

Text of Increasing online conversion through persuasive design

  • 1. Turning clicks into salesHow we help visitors get over theconversion hurdle...Joanne RichardsonSenior User Experience Designer@Joanne84

2. What does user experiencedesign mean?"UX" is the quality of experience a person has when interacting with a specic design. "UX design" is the research, planning and verication of a design solution. 3. Why invest time in UX?Condence in your design - backed up by researchClarity in direction - guide the solutionContinuity of strategy - ensure longevity of the vision and opportunitiesCustomer loyalty - increase brand awareness 4. Other industries have beendoing it for years...Building architectsProduct designersSupermarket layouts 5. The hurdles people faceAwareness ConversionReturn visits BrandattachmentUnaware Interested First time RegularPassionate customeruseuse 6. ConversionAwareness ConversionReturn visits BrandattachmentUnaware Interested First time RegularPassionate customeruseuseHow we help visitors get over the conversion hurdle 7. What do we mean by conversion?Not just purchasing online -any action you want people to takeMake a purchase Upload a photoNewsletter sign upPost a blogTweet an articleGet in touchEnter a competition Like a page on Facebook 8. Whats stopping them?Time / effort UncertaintyMoney / price WorryPhysical effort FearOut of the norm 9. Persuasive designTrick...or treat?How to convince a potential customer that youre the one for them 10. 1. Credibility & trustFirst impressions count"When participants in the study rejected a health website asnot being trustworthy, 83% of their comments were relatedto design factors, such as an unfavorable rst impressionof the look and feel, poor navigation, color, text size andthe name of the website."Susan Weinschenk (2011) 11. Would you trust this website? 12. How about this one? 13. How to win them overAwardsCustomer reviews andtestimonialsMember of professionalorganisationProfessional design and imagesTransparency and information -clear returns policy, team page 14. 2. Signposting 15. A-B TestsA test - 15.2% Conversion RateB test - 20.9% Conversion Rate 16. 3. Create demand The worry that youre going to miss out 17. Threadless Only 15 left!!! :( Better be quick! 18. 4. Add constraints - guide visitorsWere easily distracted & set in our ways 19. Airport chairs 20. Amazon Checkout 21. 5. Incentiveseverybody loves a freebie 22. Pay with a tweet 23. Dorothy Perkins - 15% discount 24. 6. Social proofOther people are doing this then it must be ok 25. Amazon - Customers Who BoughtThis Item Also Bought 26. 7. Social AcceptanceTo be perceived as good 27. Just GivingPlease feel free todonate :) 28. 8. AchievementHuman instinct to want to complete items andachieve a goal 29. Reduces spillages by up to 80% 30. 9. The Goldilocks effect"...and the middle one was just right" 31. Basecamp 32. New product releases 33. 10. Remove barrierspeople are inherently lazy 34. Tumblr - rst use 35. Posterous - easy sign upand blogging 36. How do we achieve all this?Investing the time upfront in researchCondence in project directionPlanning the experienceMost importantly testing the solution continuously 37. Want to learn more?Obviously you could contact Orange Bus...But here are some other useful online resources: UX Matters - UX Booth - Johnny Holland - User Interface Engineering - - 38. Thank you :)