How to Strategize, Manage and Improve Your SEO Marketing Campaign

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The presentation is a detailed description of SEO process. It describes the overall process and methodology of SEO. Initially the focus is on planning an effective strategy for the campaign. It involves clear understanding of SEO in your business. Further the presentation talks about beginning with the campaign and managing it effectively. Then improvement of the campaign is discussed which deals with statistics involved in analysing the results. Here various aspects like unique visitors, number of visitors, numbers of page views etc are discussed


  • 1.


  • Before starting the campaign , following questions should be considered
  • Questions about your business:
  • 1. How much money do you plan to invest in the SEO campaign ?
  • 2. How many people do you have to work on the campaign?
  • 3. How much time do you plan to dedicate to working on the project?
  • 4. Should you hire a professional company to manage campaign?
  • 5. How important is this campaign to the life of your business?


  • Questions about the desired results:
  • 1. What do you expect from your SEO campaign?
  • 2. Which search engines do you want to rank highest in?
  • 3. Do you need global or local results?
  • 4. Do you need immediate results?
  • 5. What customer demographic do you wish to reach?


  • Now, choosethe best combination of the resources that fits your business model.
  • Setup the strategy, follow through andbe patient for the results.


  • 1 .Beginning the Campaign
  • a)Research Your Competition-
  • It can be searched in many ways. Someof them are :
  • Search on engines like Google, Yahoo, and MSN
  • Look at the website being promoted
  • Search for their keywords.
  • See which sites they are using as links to build their standing.
  • b)Research Which Keywords Work Best-
  • Decide which keys most commonly relate to your business or website.


  • c)Implement the Data you discovered:
  • Use the same techniques as top competitors to rank high .
  • Use their keywords more effectively.
  • d)Provide an Informative Web Site that Is Search Engine Friendly
  • Ensure the keywords found are includedin the website text.
  • Include the name of your company on every page.
  • Place your address somewhere on every page
  • e)Send Your Completed Pages to the Search Engines


  • 2 . Managing the Site Effectively:
  • a)Analyze Your Results
  • Update your site with new keywords, if current ones become redundant.
  • Google Analytics tellsthe number of visitors and their locations.
  • The analytics tool helps in check the success rate of the current keywords
  • It is also helpful in deciding the new tactics.


  • b) Links Provide an Easy Way to Build Ranking
  • Following options are therefor building links:
  • Use Social Sites as Links
  • -> Build pages on MySpace and Facebook for absolutely no cost and link them to your site.
  • Blog for Results-
  • -> A Blog can be used for adding up links
  • Join Associations Related to Your Company-
  • -> A great tool when customers are looking for someone in your field


  • One must keep up with latest trends in keywords.
  • Use various software statistics tools to be aware of the current status.
  • Interpret the data effectively to reach the customers in a better manner.


  • a)Unique Visitors
  • Means the number of individuals that have visited your site.
  • An excellent indicator as to whether or not your site is attracting visitors.
  • b)Number of Visitors:
  • Tellsif people are returning to visit your site more than once.
  • It tellsif you are providing content or products people are interested in.
  • c)Number of Page Views :
  • It s hows the number of pages a visitor clicked through on your site.
  • d)Originating Site :
  • Tells you where your visitor originated from.
  • Can tell you which sites are providing the best referrals for your company


  • Revamping of the campaign if the statistics reveal less visitors.
  • Web Design mighthave to be changed if visitors are not returning to your website.
  • Originating Sites data should be used to our advantage.
  • -> Getting more traffic from blogs means targeting them more.
  • Results ofeffective keywords a can shape the whole SEO marketing campaign.