How to Pronounce Django

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How to Pronounce "Django": A Linguist Explains lightning talk from DjangoCon 2009 by James Tauber


<ul><li> 1. How to pronounce Django A Linguist Explains </li></ul> <p> 2. From the FAQ...Django is pronouncedJANG-oh. Rhymes with FANG-oh. The D is silent. 3. Django Reinhardt 4. Django Reinhardt 5. letters (graphemes) sounds (phonemes) 6. Writing Systems: the oldest legacy systems in the world 7. Egyptian Hieroglyphs Proto-Canaanite PhoenicianGreekCumaean Etruscan Latin 8. dj 9. voiced alveolar plosive 10. voicedpostalveolar fricative vision 11. s alveolar fricative sipostalveolarfricativeVsiV voiced postalveolar fricative 12. voiced alveolar affricate 13. jacob george 14. j 15. dj </p>