How to Optimize an Image for Google Search

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  • 1. How to optimize an image for Google search Jeff SiebachLocal Search Masterswww.localsearchmasters.comSEO, PPC, Social Media, Reputation Management

2. Where do we start?We will go from thisTo thisIs it yellow birthday cake? Or somethingmore?! 3. What is an img2938.gif? Title your image with relevant keywords 4. Adding ALT Text Alt tags are indexed by Google and areimportant for SEO. First words are considered the mostimportant. at end. Dont just repeat keywords. 5. Adding title tags Title tags are not indexed by Google so do notaffect rankings, but they are beneficial tousers. 6. Adding image size Specifying a size for your image improves theloading speed of your site, improving userexperience and lowering bounce rate. 7. Provide contextCheck out this cake from Trevors birthday bash.The birthday cakewas the best part of the Donkey Kongparty Google reads content around images todetermine what an image is. Introduce and/orsubtitle your image. 8. Use absolute paths The birthday cakewas the best part of the Donkey Kong party Ensures image link will not break as easily I wish Colorful Cakery was a real place 9. EXIF Data Exchangeable image file format Stores data about the camera used to take thephoto, among other things Currently does not influence rankings, but isshown in Google search Some websites pull information from it Protect your image if it is shared 10. Other best practices Upload your images to FlickrNice cake, Trevor but Donkey Kong is so 90s.