How to get around PeoplesHR Admin Portal

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1. How to get around the Admin Portal 2. Admin Home Page Sections2 1. Brief details of the user logged in 3 1 2. Quick links (details on 4 slide 6) 3. Menu options in a tree structure (details on slide 5) 4. Control Panel (details on slide 4)5 5. Other options (details on slide 7) 3. Control PanelAll the applicable modules forthe hosting will be displayedhere. Click on relevant moduleto get the expanded tree viewof available menu options(displayed on Module Optionsection). 4. Module OptionModule Option menu willshow all the modules andavailable menu options. Byclicking on the module youcan get the expanded view ofthe module menu options. 5. Quick Links 1. Employee information of the logged in user 1 2. Leads to logged in users attendance summary page 2 3. Link to apply for leave 3 4 4. Link to apply for short leave 5 5. Link to cancel leave 67 6. Link to view logged in users leave history 7. Link to apply bulk leave 6. Other Option 1. Link to Control Panel (slide no 3) 1 2 2. Refresh the left panel 3 3. Link to change password4 4. Log out from admin portal 7. Additional site navigation options1 2 1. Hide the left panel allowing right panel to have full area to display the data 2. Bring back the left panel