How Do You Measure Success?

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  • 1. Measurement Drives Success Debra PaynterStrategic Business

2. Why Am I Here? Experience Passion Practitioner in the art of analyticsSolution Services Business Analyst Gather your business requirements Understand your business needs Tie those needs into actionable reporting 3. Measurement With Action Drives Success Highest value Solve real business problems Generate concrete, measurable returns 4. Driving Implies Action Tools alone are full of potentialIf theyre NOT implemented and used correctlyThat potential is never realizedMeasurement in Action Drives Success 5. Get Strategic! Go For ItWeb analytics is a strategic investmentThe right implementation strategyWill yield the highest ROI 6. Real World Examples Think Outside the Box 7. Success CycleAcquisitionPersuasionConversionRetention 8. Measure for ActionGather business requirementsDetermine your Key Performance IndicatorsUnderstand the WHOLE conversion processSet the tool to collect the right dataMeasure against actionable items 9. Examples Of Actionable Reporting Onsite Search Reporting Drives Content Changes Onsite Advertising Reporting Influences Visitors SEO Reporting Campaigns 10. Tips to SuccessHow you view the dataBenchmarkTrack the trendsNot a stagnant process 11. We All Want Job Satisfaction 12. I Hope You will Take From This Session Be strategic Understand your business needs Make WebTrends work for you