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2. What is a Blog??

  • A weblog, or *blog, is a frequently updated website consisting of dated entries arranged in reverse chronological order so the most recent post appears first (see temporal ordering). Typically, weblogs are published by individuals and their style is personal and informal.

3. More about Blogs..

  • The activity of updating a blog is "blogging" and someone who keeps a blog is a "blogger."
  • Blogs are typically updated daily using software that allows people with little or no technical background to update and maintain the blog.
  • Various authors can post entries to one blog.
  • Various authors can maintain a blog as a group

4. More about Blogs..

  • Blogs are websites and be accessed by anyone.
  • Blogs can only be updated by the assigned authors.
  • Blogs can be searched for using search engines.
  • Individuals may subscribe to a blog to receive e-mail updates.

5. Why Blog???

  • TAL support blogging for two reasons: 1. Structured writing blogs give Yukon students the opportunity to create meaningful content for a wider audiences than just their teacher, families and peers. In the process, they can participate in a collaborative writing environment where they will learn to negotiate meaning and knowledge in real and relevant ways. All of these skills will be valuable to them once they graduate into our connected world. 2. Blogs also give Yukon teachers a forum to discuss internet and personal safety issues, as well as giving them an opportunity to model appropriate social networking skills.

6. Types of GSCS Blogs

  • Individual Educator (Class) Blogs
  • Newsletter Blogs
  • School Homepage Blogs
  • Time Capsules
  • Image Archives

7. View of Individual Educator Blogs 8. View of Individual Educator Blogs 9. View of Individual Educator Blogs 10. View of Individual Educator Blogs 11. View of Individual Educator Blogs 12. Other Blog Examples 13. Other Blog Examples 14. How to Register for a blog

  • Go to the Cyber School Home Page
  • http:// /cyber
  • Click on Registration
  • Click on Register for your own Blog
  • You will be emailed your blog information

15. Blog Tutorials

  • Various Blog Tutorials are available on the Cyber School web site:http:// /cyber
  • Go to Educator Information and SCCS BLOGS
  • Click on Blog Overviewor simply go to : http://

16. Blog Help Desk

  • For updates, tutorials and general FAQs you can go to the GSCS HelpDesk
  • You can subscribe to this blog so that you receive emails when something new is added