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1. multidimensional gridded data: structure, operations,and applications Barrodale Computing Services Ltd. (BCS) 2. What is Gridded Data? Multi-dimensional rectangular array of grid pointscontaining values Gridded data occurs in many application areas Aspects of gridded data: Dimensionality Spacing Number and type of values stored at each grid point Types of extractions 2 3. Gridded Data Application AreasModeling applications Meteorology Oceanography Climate Modeling Fluid DynamicsData analysis applications Nondestructive testing Geophysics Medical Imaging 3 4. Grid Concepts Dimensionality: 1D, 2D, 3D, or 4D Spacing: equal or non-equal Number and types of values stored at grid points Missing values Data can be extracted from grids in many different ways... 4 5. Extracting Data From Grids The extracted grid may have the same number ofdimensions as the original grid, or it may have fewer An axis in the extracted grid may be parallel to an axis inthe original grid, or it may not be The grid points in the extracted grid may or may notcoincide with grid points in the original grid5 6. In summary ...40m,30m,-98m40m,30m,-99mDEPTH (t3,s3,p3) 2D Extraction` 40m,30m,-100mNORTHING40m,20m,-100m (t1,s1,p1)(t2,s2,p2) 40m,30m,-98m 10m,10m,-100m 20m,10m,-100m30m,10m,-100m 40m,10m,-100m 30m,24m,-98m EASTING10m,10m,-98m40m,30m,-99m30m,24m,-99mDEPTH10m,10m,-99m` 40m,30m,-100m30m,24m,-100m10m,10m,-100m 6 7. For more information Website: Contact: or (250) 412-7428 More: