Green Vision Biomimicry

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Richard James MacCowan's presentation to Green Vision conference on Sustainable Materials in Leeds on 12 December 2012.

Text of Green Vision Biomimicry

  • 1.Biomimicry UK Richard James MacCowan Co-founderImage source: Chris Hobson (Leeds Metropolitan University)

2. Fossil Fuels@Biomimicry_UKImage source: ribarnica @ 3. Climate Change @Biomimicry_UKImage source: CorpsNewEngland @ 4. What?@Biomimicry_UKImage source: 5. Who? @Biomimicry_UKImage source: 6. Where have we seen it? @Biomimicry_UK Image source: 7. Why? @Biomimicry_UKImage source: 8. How? @Biomimicry_UKImage source: 9. The Challenges@Biomimicry_UKImage source: R J MacCowan (Leeds Metropolitan University 10. The network @Biomimicry_UKImage source: HOK Network @ 11. Academia + Practice @Biomimicry_UKImage source: HOK Network @ 12. Co-operation @Biomimicry_UKImage source: 13. Communication@Biomimicry_UKImage source: Dave Govoni@ 14. Design Champions@Biomimicry_UKImage source: fugm10 @ 15. 23/01/13 - LeedsMetropolitan@Biomimicry_UKImage source: Aiden Whiteley @ 16. Journal @Biomimicry_UKImage source: hitsthatwitch @ 17. Learning@Biomimicry_UKImage source: Richard Forward @ 18. The Present@Biomimicry_UKImage source: Praziquantel @ 19. The Future... @Biomimicry_UKImage source: virtialwayfarer @ 20. IMAGINE a world where the war against the EARTH is over.Where carbon emissions are steadily DECLINING...and GLOBAL CLIMATE has stabilised.Where successful industries take nothing, WASTE NOTHING and do no harm.Image the POWER of all of us together to make it so. Image source: adapted from The Rocky Mountain Institute