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1. GREEN GRASS ONE CASE STUDY WEBINAR A HOLE IN ONE: LEARN HOW TO PROFIT FROM AN ONLINE COMMUNITY & SOCIAL NETWORKING Date: February, 2010 2. AGENDA Presenter Introductions About Green Grass One Business Challenges Objectives Solution & Selection Implementation Timeline Demonstration Recommendations When Building an Online Community Summary IGLOO Overview 3. INTRODUCTIONS About Doug Walker Co-founder and Executive Management of Green Grass One Prior to Green Grass One, Doug was a Management Consultant for eight years (six with A.T. Kearney), helping some of North Americas leading corporations with strategy and operations improvements. Doug has worked with some of the industrys biggest retailers with merchandising strategy, supply management, and purchasing About Daniel Kube VP Sales of IGLOO Daniel has over two decades of success and experience in alliances, business development, sales, and marketing for several leading organizations including PricewaterhouseCoopers, Performancesoft, Actuate, and IONA Technologies( Now Progress Software). Most recently he was Global Vice President of Marketing and Alliances for the Performance Management division where he was also responsible for successfully creating and launching Actuate Onperformance ( SaaS) offering. . 4. ABOUT GREEN GRASS ONE Buying aggregation and other retail services to independent golf course pro shops Increase sales and profits for pro shop operators Simplify administration between on-course retailers and suppliers Increase market share for program supply partners Launched 6 years ago Annual Revenue: $25 million Customers & community members include: Golf course retail outlets 600 individuals 500 customers 100 total suppliers 18 major suppliers Nike and Callaway) Green Grass One team 5. THE MEMBERS OF GREEN GRASS ONE Manitoba 11 Sask 11 Northern AB 21 Southern AB 41 Interior 18 Van. Island 7 Lower Mainland 18 NB 6 PEI 3 NS 9 ON - SW 17 ON East 24 GTA 49 Lon/Kit 26 PQ 3 Niagara 14 ON North 25 Kootneys 7 NF 1 What Impact Do We Have? The largest on-course retail group in Canada 50 of Scores Top 100 golf courses in Canada Many of Canadas most influential golf clubs Over $75 million in retail sales Estimated $50 million in pro shop purchases 6. BUSINESS CHALLENGES Retailers are small in size and have limited buying power Proprietors golf pros have limited retail experience Communicating with 320 independent retailers nation wide - Previously relied on: Emails and phone calls to download tools, materials, and information on Green Grass One web site Indirectly and informally regional annual GG1workshops brought together retail operators for information updates and training Inefficient and ineffective 7. GREEN GRASS ONE ONLINE COMMUNITY OBJECTIVES Increase Communication Encourage Networking & Collaboration Freely and confidently share information about their businesses Share best practices across retailers and improving business results SAAS-BASED COLLABORATIVE PLATFORM Software 8. ONLINE COMMUNITY OBJECTIVE: SHARE RETAIL SUPPORT MATERIALS Direct Marketing and Promotional Tools Price Benchmarking Bi-Weekly Retail Tips Retail Trade Articles Customized Corporate & Tournament Brochures Purchase Planning & Sales Tracking Tools 9. SOLUTION SELECTION Initial vendor and solution search via the Web Web 2.0 has many dimensions - vast spectrum of available tools and services Web 2.0 10. SOLUTION SELECTION 3 QUESTIONS What did Green Grass One want/need to achieve in its business? What impact did this have on the technology required? What were the available solutions/providers that could meet this need? 11. SOLUTION SELECTION Vendor that understood business impact Consulting partner vs technology provider Soft variables vs quantifiable metrics Solution cost vs solution company Location Business model Stability Services portfolio "We liked that they wanted to dive into our business to understand what we were trying to achieve thinking like a business partner rather than how much software they could sell us. We felt comfortable with them Doug Walker Co-founder and Executive Management of Green Grass One 12. SOLUTION CUSTOMIZATION REQUIREMENTS Process ~50,000 invoices/year Back-end integration to financial system - BusinessVision Automate delivery of invoices from GG1 to each retailer's community landing page 13. 5 IMPLEMENTATION OBJECTIVES 5 years worth of Web and server content available on the new site Build collaborative tools around content (blogs, wikis, calendar, and picture gallery) Create a sub-community for suppliers Set up administration Retailer rights to access all content Supplier rights to upload their own content and access their sub-community Customize and automate the central billing/invoicing process 14. IMPLEMENTATION TIMELINE Web-based mock community built by IGLOO in "minutes" during a conversation over the phone between the two companies GG1 contacted IGLOO Trial community created Pilot Consulting Customization (graphic design & programming) Implementation Testing Training Admin End User Official Launch Increase Content Management 1 st Year Anniversary 15. DEMONSTRATION 16. RECOMMENDATIONS WHEN BUILDING AN ONLINE COMMUNITY Be realistic: Understand how your customers/users engage with social networking/Web 2.0 technology Focus groups: Gather user input well ahead of launch to identify and define the core functionality 80/20 rule - narrow the scope -> get that right first Offering comparison: Dont prepare a long list of criteria against free and/or cheap online applications and tools - a time and resource sink Identify the most important functionality: Bringing functionality together in an intuitive and collaborative environment require skills that fall outside the capabilities of very small IT shops 17. SUMMARY Deliver the highest value possible to clients while maximizing the bottom line Efficiencies in operations and processes that can be greatly assisted by technology Usage of social networking will differ by company & by requirement Only some benefits are directly quantifiable $60,000 SAVINGS WITH GREEN GRASS ONE ONLINE COMMUNITY 18. " Increased collaboration and customer satisfaction among the community should also contribute to increased revenue and profit for participants Doug Walker Co-founder and Executive Management of Green Grass One 19. POLLING QUESTION What type of online community would your organization be interested in? Intranet Corporate Intranet Business Unit Web Site Corporate Web Site Event/Conference Team Departmental Team Learning/Training Portal Partner Portal Customer Portal Recruiting Portal User Group 20. IGLOO Overview 21. IGLOO - WHAT DO WE DO? We help organizations build, deploy and manage successful online communities and social networks. 22. IGLOO - SOLUTIONS NOT SOFTWARE COMMUNITY SOLUTIONS COST EFFECTIVE VIBRANT VIRAL STICKY SUSTAINABLE MEASUREABLE SAS 70 PCI DSS CIC 5970 II Secure Integrated Extensible Support Professional Services Training Community Facilitation E-engagement SEO, SEM, SMM Configurable Customizable Design Planning Design Deployment Growth 23. SOCIAL SOFTWARE PLATFORM GREEN GRASS ONE LEVERAGED Administration Find, manage, store and share your corporate knowledge and information securely in your online community. Facilitate effective collaboration and communication around your key organizational assets. + + + Promote and empower business critical relationships across your entire team or organization. Promote and empower business critical relationships across your entire team or organization. Content Management Team Collaboration Web Publishing Social Networking 24. CUSTOMERS ACROSS INDUSTRIES 25. TOP 5 BUSINESS USES OF SOCIAL SOFTWARE Create & Drive Brand Awareness Reputation Management Tool Recruiting Staff, customers, partners Learn About New technologies & Competitors Lead Generation Tool to Intercept Potential Prospects Drive

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