By Deepak Pandit Pankaj Wahul

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By Deepak Pandit

Pankaj Wahul

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What is it? Short history Types Working “Biggest” Why not at the top?? How simple is it?

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What is search engine all about?

A Web site that maintains an index and short summaries of billions of pages on the Web

Provides quick tool to access any web site from huge ocean of web sites

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Short History

1990,Alan Emtage, a student at McGill University in Montreal developed a search engine called Archie.

1994, David Filo and Jerry Yang ,the creators called Yahoo!.

Many search engines that are still major players in the search arena are now well established

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Which search engine is "the biggest"?

Google currently claims to index over 3.3 billion pages, while Alltheweb.com claims to index over 3.1 billion

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How simple is it??

Open search engine type key words

click on the suitable siteget the site

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How do Search Engines Work?

• Don’t really search the World Wide Web directly.But searches a database of the full text of web pages selected from the billions of web pages out there servers.

• Always searches a copy of the real web page.• When you click on links provided in a search

engine's search results, you retrieve from the server the current version of the page.

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After registration, why isn’t my site at the top of the search results?

Site design not suitable Pages not sufficiently tailored for keyword

phrases Not attracting relevant links from other sites

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Image search

•Kind of special search engine

•Finds images and animations

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www.excite.com www.go.com www.go2.com www.google.com www.hotbot.com www.lycos.com



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www.google.com www.yahoo.com

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Just Check it out

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