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  • 1. Introducing Google Glass

2. AGENDA What is Google Glass? What is the Internet of Things? All About Google Glass Uses for Google Glass Google Glass & libraries? Privacy The Future 3. What is Google Glass? Wearable computer with OHMD (OpticalHead-Mounted Display) Displays information in an augmentedreality format that users can interact withusing voice commands. Glass can be used as a Bluetoothheadset with any Bluetooth compatiblephone/tablet.Source: 4. 5. WHAT IS IT?The Internet of Things (IoT) is a scenario in which objects, animals or peopleare provided with unique identifiers and the ability to automatically transferdata over a network without requiring human-to-human or human-to-computerinteraction. IoT has evolved from the convergenceof wireless technologies, micro-electromechanical systems (MEMS) and theInternet. source 6. WIRED HOMESImage: more at: 7. CONTROL YOUR LIGHTS/ AIR CONDITIONER 8. 9. the future:Refrigerator can generate menusCreate and order grocery listsOven can start cooking remotely 10. WEARABLES 11. More 12. 13. WHY? Hands-free technology Convenience Lower costs fortechnology allow morecreative solutions Expectations ofConsumers More Data 14. WEARABLE TECHNOLOGY - Becky Stern and Adafruit 15. LIFESAVING WEARABLESBiostamp can be affixed to any part of the body. Its sensors can monitor temperature, movement, heart rate and more, andtransmit this data wirelessly back to patients and their clinicians.Images and Fast Company Article - 16. REWALK 17. ATTACHABLE CAMERASImage 18. Image 19. Image and more: 20. surgery gets real 21. 22. 23. 24. Full Graphic 25. What is Google Glass?Source: 26. FIT. Adjustable nosepads Durable frame fits anyface. Extra nosepads in twosizesImage & more: 27. DISPLAYHigh resolution display is25 inch high definitionscreen from eight feetaway.Image: 28. CAMERA &AUDIO Camera: Photos - 5MP; Videos - 720p Audio: BoneConductionTransducer 29. SPECS Connectivity: Wi-Fi - 802.11b/g;Bluetooth Storage: 12 GB of usable memory,synced with Google cloud storage. 16 GBFlash total. Battery: One day of typical use. Somefeatures, like video recording, are morebattery intensive. Charger: Included Micro USB cable andcharger.Image: 30. WHAT CAN GLASS DO?Image: 31. SCREENCASTING 32. INSTANT TRANSLATIONS 33. APPS All the Cooks CNN Elle Magazine Evernote Facebook Fieldtrip FourSquare Livestream New York Times OpenTable RedLaser Twitter Tumblr Word Lens 34. VOICE COMMANDS 35. MYGLASS APP 36. PELIGRO ! 37. 38. OTHER APPSMore Apps @; to side load: 39. HOW DOES ITWORK?Image - 40. Full infographic: 41. Full infographic: 42. Time to try on apair. 43. GOOGLE GLASS IN THE WILD 44. 45. 46. 47. Article - 48. Real Time Metrics Access to data Video Capture hands free Custom Dictionaries and databaseshelp create enterprise solutions 49. POLICE DEPARTMENTS 50. FLIGHT ATTENDANTS 51. 52. GOOGLE GLASS IN LIBRARIES 53. Part of Technology Collection for studentsResearching - library staff to fulfill patron scanningrequests directly from the library stacks Assisting students with disabilities Enhance Classroom Instruction Enhance Research Process 54. begun a pilot program to make the wearablecomputer available to researchers on campus aspart of our Technology Lending Service. 55. POTENTIAL USES FORGLASS IN LIBRARIES? Check out items Look up Information Look up User Data Navigate Libraries Locate Materials Translate Materials Training Aid What else? library - 56. WHAT USES DO YOU FOR GOOGLE GLASS ANDOTHER WEARABLE TECH? 57. WEARABLE TECH ANDPRIVACY 58. SELLING METADATAImage from 59. ISSUE #1:KEEPING YOUR DATA PRIVATEPrivacy Laws, Wearables & Lobbyists: 60. ISSUE #2: RESPECTING OTHERS PRIVACY 61. ETIQUETTE:THE DOS ANDDONTS 62. BANNING GOOGLE GLASSJohn Stewart: 63. GOOGLE GLASS ALTERNATIVES 64. Product Page Image from BasedVuzix M100 65. RECONJET 66. BAIDU EYEPictures and Article @ 67. HIGHER EDUCATION IS AN IMPORTANT AREA FOREXPERIMENTATION WITH GLASS AND OTHERWEARABLES, NOT ONLY BECAUSE THEY ENHANCETEACHING, BUT BECAUSE THEY HELP US UNDERSTANDHOW WE SHOULD BEST INTERACT WITH ANDINCORPORATE THESE TECHNOLOGIES INTO OURSOCIETY'S FUTURE.Melissa Woo, Vice Provost for Information Services and CIO at the University ofOregon and an early Google Glass Explorer stresses that higher education has avital role to play in the field of wearable computing, that goes beyond just usingthe technology. (from Huffington Post Article - 68. THE FUTURE OF GLASS 69. MORE FASHIONABLE, MORE COMMON, MORE INTEGRATED INTO OUR DAILY LIVES 70. Image DOES WEARABLE TECHNOLOGY GO MAINSTREAM? 71. WHAT WILL IT TAKE TO BECOME MAINSTREAM? Availability/Cost Ease of Use Solves a Need 72. Diana SilveiraNovare Library [email protected]/