Getting started with microsoft office 365 share point online development

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  • 1. Getting Started with Microsoft Office 365 SharePoint Online Development Jeremy Thake Chief Architect Level: Intermediate@jthake #SPLive360
  • 2. Jeremy ThakeAvePoint LabsAuthor Chief Architect @jthake #SPLive360
  • 3. Agenda Application Development Platform Getting Started Sandboxed Solutions App Model Migrating Apps@jthake #SPLive360
  • 4. ApplicationDevelopmentPlatform@jthake #SPLive360
  • 5. Building Blocks Authentication & Authorization Customization & Personalization Branding Disaster recovery Availability Site collections & Sub sites@jthake #SPLive360
  • 6. No more installing SQL configuring IIS deploying components to server writing service level agreements writing disaster recovery plans@jthake #SPLive360
  • 7. List Building Blocks Attachments Metadata Versioning Views Full API: Web services, REST, RSS Security Event Receivers Workflow Publishing@jthake #SPLive360
  • 8. What to worry about UI pattern consistency Dont bend it the wrong way If you question whether its right, it probably isnt Performance considerations Monitoring Resource Usage No ULS logs, Event Viewer@jthake #SPLive360
  • 9. Getting Started@jthake #SPLive360
  • 10. Approaches Web parts on pages Web UI Site / List Settings BrandingSharePoint Designer Business Connectivity Services Visual Studio Lite NAPA Not a web browser! VisualStudio 2010 Debugging @jthake #SPLive360
  • 11. Dont work directly on Production Develop in Development environments!!! Great for version 1.0, not so great for 1.1 whilst live users in environment 24 hour SLA on recovering a site collection SharePoint Designer encourages this @jthake #SPLive360
  • 12. Development Environment Must have Visual Studio where SharePoint installed for server side development Use a development site collection in your Office 365 SharePoint 2010 Online environment Client Object Model Install SharePoint 2010 locally on Windows 7@jthake #SPLive360
  • 13. Use a virtual machine VMWare Workstation/Sun VirtualBox on Windows 7 HyperV on dual boot Windows Server 2008 R2/Windows 7 HyperV on Windows 8 RC Steal some of IT private cloud to run one ;- ) Azure, CloudShare, fpWeb, Rackspace@jthake #SPLive360
  • 14. Visual Studio 2012 Create Silverlight Web Parts Publish SharePoint Solutions to Remote SharePoint Servers Test SharePoint Performance by Using Profiling Tools Create Sandboxed Visual Web Parts Support for JavaScript Debugging and IntelliSense for JavaScript @jthake #SPLive360
  • 15. Cloud-hosted Apps devenvironment Development Machine SharePoint 2013 Azure Development env Web application App 2 App 2 Site Collection Web SQL Root Site Sites App 1 App 2 App 3 IIS Web Server App 3 App 3 App 3 Web Windows SQL Service SQL 2012 Visual Studio 2012@jthake #SPLive360
  • 16. Evolution of customizations inSharePoint _api _vti_bin _vti_bin Declarative Application s& Workflow Events CSOM _api CSOM@jthake #SPLive360
  • 17. Sandboxedsolutions@jthake #SPLive360
  • 18. Sandboxed Solutions Restricted API due to multi-tenant environment No LOB: Web Services, ATOM, ODBC No file access Current site collection scope only No Page object (JavaScript reg) Deployed via Site Collection Site Settings @jthake #SPLive360
  • 19. *smile* Office 365 customizations Faster deploys Doesnt require IISRESET as assemblies not in GAC No Farm access required@jthake #SPLive360
  • 20. WARNING No Full trust proxies in Office 365 Only Site Collection Admins can activate if managed code in packages Site Collection Admins can deploy these! Can use Silverlight to overcome some restrictions@jthake #SPLive360
  • 21. TIPS Use Sandbox Solutions (default) as cant use Full-Trust Solutions in SharePoint 2010 Online Wont get compile time warnings on incorrect API usage, only on upload to SharePoint Use the FxCop rules #SPLive360
  • 22. Web Part example displayed data from a list perform a SharePoint database query the sandbox 20 database queries = 1 resource point is turned displayed 20 times off site collection would have used 1 until daily resource point of 300 points available reset could be displayed 6,000 times in a 24 hour period@jthake #SPLive360
  • 23. App Model@jthake #SPLive360
  • 24. App Model scenarios SharePoint SharePoint Azure Web application App 2 App 2 Site Collection Website SQL Root Site s App 1 App 2 App 3 SP Auto Provider IIS Web Server Hosted Hosted Hosted App 3 App 3 Web SQL Sub Site App 3 Provider Hosted@jthake #SPLive360
  • 25. App Versioning SharePoint SharePoint Azure Web application App 2 App 2 Site Collection Website SQL Root Site s V1.1 V2.0 V1.0 V1.1 V1.0 V2.0 App 1 App 2 App 3 V1.0 V1.0 V1.0 IIS Web Server App 3 App 3 App 3 Web Web SQL V1.0 V1.1 V1.1 Sub Site App 3 V1.0 V1.1@jthake #SPLive360
  • 26. Application IFRAME@jthake #SPLive360
  • 27. OAuth Authentication SharePoint SharePoint Azure Web application App 2 App 2 Site Collection Website SQL Root Site s App 1 App 2 App 3 IIS Web Server App 3 App 3 Web SQL Site Collection Root Site App 3@jthake #SPLive360
  • 28. DeploymentModel Office 365 Permissions On-Prem PermissionsSharePointSandbox YES YESFull Trust NO YESSharePoint Hosted YES OAuth via ACS YES High-Trust (S2S)RemoteProvider Hosted YES OAuth via ACS YES High-Trust (S2S) Developer hosts app Could be in AzureAuto-Hosted YES OAuth via ACS NO App can deploy website and SQL Azure db Hosted in Office 365 Azure Cloud @jthake #SPLive360
  • 29. Compare customization models Full trust WSP Sandboxed WSP AppsWhere does server-side code Farm (User Code Farm (w3wp.exe) Anywhere but farmrun? Service)Scalable Based on farm Limited HighlyWho installs and removes Farm admin Site collection admin UsersSupported in SP2013 Yes Yes YesSharePoint Online compatible No Yes YesAuto-hosting compatible No No YesRequires local farm for Yes Yes NodevelopersRemote deployment and No No Yesdebugging from Visual Studio @jthake #SPLive360
  • 30. Migrating Apps@jthake #SPLive360
  • 31. Web UI Side by side windows Site Settings List Settings Page content Windows Explorer Document Content@jthake #SPLive360
  • 32. SharePoint Designer Side by side across windows Business Connectivity Services Web Parts Content Types Copy & Paste across windows Master Pages Page Layouts Workflows (no custom activities)@jthake #SPLive360
  • 33. Sandboxed Solutions Will work in SharePoint 2010 Online just like Standard or Enterprise@jthake #SPLive360
  • 34. Full-Trust Solutions APIs used Switch to Sandboxed and just try it Run FxCop against it Change assembly target for Visual Studio 2010@jthake #SPLive360
  • 35. Custom crap! Remember, no access to servers AT ALL So everything must be in Solution Package No manual deployment of files to file server Weve been teaching you this since 06@jthake #SPLive360
  • 36. 3rd Party Tools Graphical User Interface to move Site Collection artifacts and content Lots of players AvePoint Axceler MetaVis MetaLogix@jthake #SPLive360
  • 37. References Sandboxed Solutions App Model Office 365 Developer Hub Critical Path setup guide Configure apps in your dev environment SharePoint 2013 Developer site sign up@jthake #SPLive360
  • 38. Q&A Jeremy Thake THU 09:15 Acing Application Lifecycle Management @jthake #SPLive360


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