Get Ready for JIRA 5 - AtlasCamp 2011

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JIRA 5 is coming – we've only done four major releases in the last nine years, so you know this one is big. We're getting ready to inaugurate a new era in JIRA plugin development with JIRA 5, and the JIRA product manager and JIRA architect will be there to share how you can build with JIRA for the next decade. Matt Quail, JIRA Architect

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  • 1.Thursday, 29 September 11

2. JIRA 5.0A killer platform for applicationsMatt Quail (Spuddy)JIRA Architect, Atlassian 2Thursday, 29 September 11 3. The Expanding JIRASphere7,900 17,000x3120 330,000 140Thursday, 29 September 11 4. Developing & Integrating JIRAPlugins Remote 4Thursday, 29 September 11 5. JIRA PluginsEasier to Consume Easier to Develop5Thursday, 29 September 11 6. Easier to Consume: AdoptionFind Install UPM + PACThursday, 29 September 11 7. Easier to Consume: UpgradesNo Restart RequiredThursday, 29 September 11 8. Introducing the JIRA Stable APIImplementationJIRA Stable APIClassesjira-api.jar atlassian-jira.jarjira-core.jar Public classes used by No promises of Stable within onestabilityplugin developers at their major release to own risk the next8Thursday, 29 September 11 9. Stability Forwards binary compatibility for minor releases Deprecated methods removed at next major release5.05.1 5.x6.0major release method deprecatedmethod removedAt least 12 months9Thursday, 29 September 11 10. How to make your plugin asstable as possible1.Use jira-api.jar2.Avoid jira-core.jiar3.Give us feedback. 10Thursday, 29 September 11 11. Easier to Develop: Get Started See Jonathan and Zachs talkfrom yesterday:The Atlassian SDK goes to 11 Dons talk up next:Five Strategies to AcceleratePlugin Dev 11Thursday, 29 September 11 12. New Plugin Points12Thursday, 29 September 11 13. In Action description ${project.groupId}.${project.artifactId} com.atlassian.jira.plugin.webfragment.contextproviders.I18nContextProvider com.atlassian.jira.plugin.viewissue.PeopleBlockContextProvider param> com.atlassian.jira.plugin.webfragment.contextproviders.DefaultVelocityContextProvider< /param> 13Thursday, 29 September 11 14. ActiveObjects in JIRA Storage for Plugins Jasons talk yesterday: Using AO for Rapid Plugin Dev Supported in JIRA 5.0! Schema management, SQL support Integrated into JIRA Backup/ Restore Already used by GreenHopper, Activity Streams 14Thursday, 29 September 11 15. JIRA UI Single DecoratorConsistent markup/CSS across JIRA pagesBetter performance for client & serverMore stability surrounding the markup/CSSImproved markup structure/semanticsDefault styles reflect Look & Feel AUI Yesterdays Whats New in AUI talk15Thursday, 29 September 11 16. Internalizing plugins Remote Issue Links Project Configuration Workflow Designer Quick Edit Studio plugins migrating to stable APIsJIRA now develops more in plugins 16Thursday, 29 September 11 17. Getting 5.0 Compatible!JIRA API GuruSessions @AtlasCampWednesday Noon-2 PMThursday 3-5 PMFriday 3-5 PM17Thursday, 29 September 11 18. Remote Integration to JIRA Why Remote?InstallZero Customer Install Integrates with JIRA StudioLightweight Web StandardsAnd some new features specifically designed for remote integration! 18Thursday, 29 September 11 19. Whats up with JIRA REST? Moved from Alpha to Stable Now our primary Remote protocol Easy to use with JS/HTML, Ruby, Python, PHP, etc.19Thursday, 29 September 11 20. REST in 5.0 - full banquet See Richs talk tomorrow afternoon: JIRA 5.0 REST API 20Thursday, 29 September 11 21. REST in 5.0 - quick taste{"id":"10000","key":"TST-1", Get an issue: "fields":{"summary":"Issue under test","created":"2011-06-29T18:40:56.287+1000", GET http://localhost:8080/rest/api/2/issue/TST-1 "updated":"2011-09-26T14:30:06.871+1000","description":"This is the issue under test.", Update Summary: "status":{"iconUrl":"http://localhost:8080/images/icons/...","name":"Open", PUT http://localhost:8080/rest/api/2/issue/TST-1 "id":"1"},{ "labels":["abc"],"fields":{"assignee":{"summary":"new summary","name":"admin",} "emailAddress":"",} "avatarUrls":{"16x16":"http://localhost:8080/secure/useravatar?size=small&avatarId=10062", 21Thursday, 29 September 11 22. From SOAP to REST { "fields":{"summary":"new summary", }} 22Thursday, 29 September 11 23. Tell me more about REST!REST in JIRA 5.0In REST, not in SOAP Custom Fields (inc Search Issues names), Labels, Get Issue Details Attachments, Avatars, A few project APIs Icons, Move, Watch,+Better Search Voting Issue, Screen Info,+All Issue Details Rendered HTML,+Create Issue Autocomplete, Non-+Edit Issue chatty Metadata, Query a+Full Metadata subset of the elds, Set=Full Issue SupportSecurty Level, Manage Issue Links, Change Log23Thursday, 29 September 11 24. Thursday, 29 September 11 25. Remote Issue Links 25Thursday, 29 September 11 26. Add a Link easily via REST POST to http:///rest/api/2/issue//remotelink 26Thursday, 29 September 11 27. Custom Remote Link Plugins RenderRender the link differentlyUpdate the link data from the remotesource Custom Add Link DialogsAdd link via key vs URLAdd remote search 27Thursday, 29 September 11 28. Activity Streams via REST Simple Add Activity API via REST (or Java) Get in the Flow with Atlassian Streams Ben Woskow, 1:30 PM Thursday (today!) 28Thursday, 29 September 11 29. A couple of extra goodies....29Thursday, 29 September 11 30. JIRA Issue Collector With a small snippet of JS, get this widget on your website: And the users feedback becomes a JIRA Issue plugin/details/58385630Thursday, 29 September 11 31. JIRA Mobile ConnectUser Feedback and Issue Tracking for Mobile App DevelopersContextual, Automated Crash Reporting. Interactive Feedback.Data Reporting Done Right. 31Thursday, 29 September 11 32. JIRA Issue CollectorJIRA Mobile Connect GadgetsDecorators AUI Vertical Remote ApplicationsActivity Streams Integration on JIRARemote Issue Links JIRA REST APIs Active ObjectsJIRA Stable APIStable RapidPlugins 2.0DevelopmentDevelopment SALApplication Links32Thursday, 29 September 11 33. SEPTEMBER 28If you are 5.0 Compatible inOCTOBERtime for JIRAs launch: 31 RC1 then you launch with JIRA. Contact Kyle Miller ( for NOVEMBER details! 30 final/launch33Thursday, 29 September 11 34. Thank you!Thursday, 29 September 11 35. Active Objects - Resources Project Documentation Tutorials, 29 September 11 36. JIRA UX - Resources Documentation AUI %29+Developer+Documentation Changes to markup in JIRA 5.0 +Decorators+in+JIRA+5.036Thursday, 29 September 11 37. Plugin Dev - More ResourcesDocumentation 5.0 Tutorials, 29 September 11 38. REST API - Resources Java REST Client for JIRA:Plugin: DocumentationOverview API Docs Tutorials, 29 September 11 39. Remote Issue Links - Resources Documentation Tutorial, 29 September 11 40. New Plugin Points - Resources DocumentationAll JIRA plugin modules panels API Documentation Tutorials, 29 September 11 41. Goodies ResourcesJIRA Mobile ConnectInfo: Issue Collector: 41Thursday, 29 September 11 42. Thank you!Thursday, 29 September 11