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An update of my presentation from 2010 at Social Media World Forum, with the tools I'm now using on a regular basis.


  • 1.Free tools for social mediaResearch andmeasurementBeth GranterMay

2. Hello! Im BethGranter.Im a digitalconsultant atBrilliant Noise 3. BrandsI haveworkedwith 4. - Useful for pitch research, and to validate plans- Good when budgets are low- Good in addition to paid toolsWhy free tools? 5. - Tools I use for research- Tools I use for measurement- What and how, not so much whyIm going to talk about my toolbox 6. Tools for research- To discover:- who is talking about a topic -inuencer mapping- what is being said- what vocabulary is being used- when and where relevantconversations happen 7. Tools for measurement- To baseline, assess current amount ofbuzz- To track changes- Specic to platform vs all publiconline content 8. - Pages from the UK- Blogs > HomepagesGoogles search lters 9. - Pages from the UK- Discussions > RecencyGoogles search lters 10. - Check timing & popularity ofterms- Competitor analysis- Regional interest- Folksonomy (what wordspeople really use)Google trends 11. - Within Google Displaynetwork...- What sites does your targetaudience visit?- How likely is your audience tovisit a particular site vsaverage for that region? e.g.YouTube- What % of your audience isreached by each site?Google ad planner 12. - Find top tweets and links- Include advanced booleanqueries (search terms)Topsy 13. - Find experts based on howmuch they tweet about a topicTopsy 14. - Measure volume of followersover time- Up to three months historyfree- Paid options to export data &track ongoingTopsy 15. - Measure estimated reach ofpast 50 tweets matchingsearch term- Additional volume available onpaid accounts- Top contributors- Timeline of tweet volume- Most retweeted tweets- Download XLS or PDFTweetreach 16. Twittercounter- Measure volume offollowers over time- Up to three months historyfree- Paid options to export data& track ongoing 17. Cadmus- What is trending within yournetwork - amongst peopleyou follow- What is trending within atarget inuencer Twitter list 18. Tweriod- When do your followerstweet?- When do you get the most@replies? 19. FollowerwonkAbout your followers or those youfollow:- Location- Follower count- Account ages- Recencies of tweets- Total tweets- Languages- % retweets within tweets- @mentions outbound 20. FollowerwonkAbout your followers or thoseyou follow:- Authority- Gender- Most active hours- bio wordcloud 21. Twiangulate- Twitter user search bycomplex boolean query(keywords) includingregional limit- Search within a particularusers followers, list, mutualfollowers- Sort results by followers- Export list of Twitterusernames- Visualise results as networkmap 22. Tweetstats- When did you tweet? Bymonth, day and time.- Who do you @mention themost?- Who do you retweet themost?- Word cloud of your tweets 23. Facebook insights- measure:- contact aquisition (totalfans)- reach- engagement(interactions)- audience insight(demographics)- trac sources- export data to CSV 24. Web rank Chrometoolbar- Google Page Rank- Alexa stats- Inbound links 25. Word count chromeplugin- Count characters ofselected text- Great when draftingtweets within web email 26. Google Analytics- Trac sources > Social 27. Keeping track of blogger outreach- Google docs- Name, subject, site URL- Twitter URL, Facebook URL- Google Page Rank- Inbound Links- Alexa % UK trac- UK daily unique visitors- Twitter followers- Facebook fans- Notes- Date contacted- Date responded- Response URL- Address- Email 28. Keeping track ofmetrics- audience size- reach- engagement- advocacy- What are YOURobjectives?- Use the customer decisionjourney to dene these 29. Thanks!Links to these tools and more at 2013 Brilliant NoiseAll rights reserved