Framework for Web Automation Testing

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Framework for Web Automation Testing presentation shows you all the benefits of useage framework constructions in automation tests development for Web project. all the approaches are shown in images.

Text of Framework for Web Automation Testing

  • 1. Test Automation Taras LytvynFramework 2012GlobalLogic Inc. 1

2. Automation testing Frameworks overviewIn this case, framework (test automation framework)- a proper organization of tests in the processof automated testing in terms of architecturetest scripts building. The automation framework is defined as a set of concrete test objects, and also ways of their relationships with additional functionality. 2012GlobalLogic Inc. 2 3. COMPARISON Tool 2012GlobalLogic Inc. 3 4. Tests without Framework Tests with Framework 2012GlobalLogic Inc. 4 5. Examples: client server STAX 2012GlobalLogic Inc. 5 6. keyword-driven approachExamples: 2012GlobalLogic Inc. 6 7. Examples:Web oriented 2012GlobalLogic Inc. 7 8. WHY Frameworks? Test scripts code unification Convenient refactoring Easy to write new functionality (add new features),modification of existing features 2012GlobalLogic Inc. 8 9. Easy connection ofadditional modules or libraries and their usage Implementation of new automation tool(e.g. introduction of new versions of current tool thatrequires code changes) 2012GlobalLogic Inc. 9 10. Clarity and readability of code Cross functionality (e.g. cross-browser testing),adding testing support for running tests on additionaldevices (dependency feature) 2012GlobalLogic Inc. 10 11. Why Structured design of automationcode ?EASY for test execution Convenient tests launching (all tests, only separateset of tests, etc.) Separation and division tests on suites 2012GlobalLogic Inc. 11 12. Automation Framework for web: 2012GlobalLogic Inc. 12 13. Realization example: 2012GlobalLogic Inc. 13 14. Peasants in mind hierarchy 2012GlobalLogic Inc. 14 15. Page Object Architecture 2012GlobalLogic Inc. 15 16. 2012GlobalLogic Inc. 16 17. Extension Points Page Loader Class Classes with additional functionality (JSs, Sikulimethods, etc.) Logger 2012GlobalLogic Inc. 17 18. Automation Framework is indispensable part ofAutomation Testing implementation Gives us: mechanism to drive the application under test executing the tests in needed order, with preferences quick test fixing reporting results 2012GlobalLogic Inc. 18 19. < QUESTIONS ? > 2012GlobalLogic Inc. 19 20. Taras Lytvynautomation QC in Global Logic : taras.lytvyn@globallogic.comweb: 2012GlobalLogic Inc. 20