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Digital Inventory.

Digital Inventory.What we need to sell to stay ahead.

My name is Ken Schafer

Social Media consultant

Media sales

Owner of consulting firm

Who I am?

Working with creating social media strategies for small market businesss from the ground upCreated marketing tactics to benefit from audience aggregation

2. Worked in media sales ranging from Television to newspaper to phonebook sales

3. Created a consulting firm to help publishing companies embrace digital age and learn to sell digital inventory more effectively2

Create opportunities for increased revenue of salespeople

Use current advertising conduits to sell to clients.

Work with staff to offer enhanced advertising to our clients.What I am doing for Malibu Times

I am working with assorted staff members to identify key areas where we are missing opportunities for sales and increased revenue

2. We will be using facebook, twitter youtube and newsletters to help widen the amount of products we have to offer our customers.

3. The general view on newspapers is not what it used to be. Enhancing our content online and in print to show customers we are not an outdated form of advertising and that we have multifacet approach to engage with all customers of all ages.3

More options for customers

More options for readers

Something different that is not offered in our area.How this will help

Who here has heard the phrase I dont think many people are reading the paper anymore this is a common phrase among advertisers in regards to the newspaper industry.

Imagine being able to walk up to a client and tell them that you will blanket different demographics ranging from you to old. Using newer forms of advertising. When they ask you about it you were able to provide real time analytics on how many people are viewing your website, facebook, and twitter.

Example: Thats fine we can use another one of our platforms to help target the customers you are looking for. What age range are you looking to targetWe have print for the older demographic, Twitter for the youngest, and Facebook and our website for everything in between. If you want to touch them all we have a package that can do that for you.

We will also working with offering our clients non traditional advertising (sponsored tweets, facebook sponsored posts, and other opportunities)4

What we offer to our clients

Setting expectation

Working with finding the right message for the right platform

Selling exposure

I am big on setting the expectations. Making sure you deliver the right message to potential clients is key.

Let them know what you bring to the table and that you can help them be part of that. Do not promise you will increase walk in traffic by 150% you are making promises you cant keep. Instead let them know you have the local clients observing your content and you can put their business name out there to be seen by all of them.


Sponsored Posts

Promoting at key times

Audience reachedFacebook

How would you pitch this to your customer?

Here is how we would pitch this to customers. We have 1631 followers that engage with our page daily. We typically reach out to an average of 2600 people (ill explain this to you and how to explain it to your customer)We are looking to have a lunch special every day of the month to put out at 11:00 A.M. to help drive traffic through the doors of our local restaurants. Here are some examples of the what we are looking to do.

Being able to show clients what we have the capabilities of exposing them too ideal people at ideal times.

Reaching 2600 when you only have 1631 followers WHAT!

We have 1631 followers on our Facebook page each one of those friends has a typical 150-220 friends. Whenever they like, comment and share our content it broadcasts out to those friends. So if only 500 people seen our page but 40 of them shared it to all of there friends we are able to gather that 2600 people seen this ad from people interacting with this. You might be familiar with seeing recycled content that your friends liked and shared. Same thing applies.


People spend lots of time on it

Large percentage of people use it

Accounts for large usage of time spent online

Selling points of Facebook

The typical person spends 6.9 hours a month on Facebook

As you can see more than half the population has s social networking profile (largely dominated by Facebook) and 22% of those people check it multiple times a day.

Accounts for 18% of time spent online.


What is top of mind awareness

How does it apply to our advertisers

How do you sell it.Top of mind awareness

How would you explain top of mind awareness? Top of mind awareness is having your brand come to mind when people think of a particular industry. This is accomplished by using different media channels to consistently have your branding showing.

Our customers will have a way to have their brand showing up in a multitude of ways ranging from print to website to twitter to youtube to facebook. Imagine selling your customer a package that includes targeting print customers, an ad on your website that gets (insert number) hits a month, a Facebook sponsored posts that reaches out to 1630 people and has the potential to reach (insert friends of fans number) a 15 second preroll clip to a sponsored story done by us inserted in the middle of the ad. Bringing all these possibilities to our customers under one company is how you can be there one stop shop for advertising.

Selling this to customers is about showing your reach and how you can blanket multiple demographics with one service. Presentation is everything. You do not need to know all the ins and outs of Facebook, twitter and youtube. I will teach you enough to be dangerous.9

Daily opportunity

Local people interested in local topics

Very effective for specific industriesDaily newsletter

We send out the daily headlines (surprise) daily. This gives us a chance to put our clients in front of readers in yet another form.

Our current mailing list runs about 1700 strong (this is after being bounceback of bad emails)

Imagine telling your customer that at 11:00 A.M. an email going out to our mailing list will be sponsoring their restaurant with the daily lunch special and a coupon to receive a free desert.

Using targeted marketing and relevant content we can really help a customer. I personally suggest that at least one of the ads we have on every newsletter going is a lunch special.10


Audience AggregationReach

Reaching customers in every way possible to help our clients

Newsletter 1700

Twitter 1318

Facebook 1640


How many people?

What can you guarantee?

Why cant I do this on my own page?

Analytics and how to talk about them

We will go over how to read our analytics so you can tell our prospects how many people we have the potential to touch.

When addressing customers asking for guarantees that this will work be upfront and tell them we are offering exposure of your business and putting your message out to these groups of people is the guarantee we can give you.

You can do this on your page, In fact encourage them to do it on their page, however remind them that we already have a client base loaded with local audience13

Presenting Facebook analytics

Total likes This is the amount of people following our page. People that engage with us on a day to day basis

Friends of fans this is the 1 degree of separation. If we posted something and everyone of our 1631 friends shared it, this is the number of people would see that message. (this is great for showing people the power of social media. Give your client an example using some numbers previously mentioned {this is worth taking down as a note}. Tell them if we put up your burger special on Friday and 500 people see the ad and 40 people who like your business decide to like the comment (multiply 40x150) and tell them approximately 1100 people seen there ad. Let them know that each week at the end of the month we can tell them how many people seen the ad.

Line on the graph (this line shows how many people we are reaching including shares and people who are not friends. Great way to give an average of visibility to customers)

Any questions.14

Twitter audience isreferred toas followers


The highlighted number is the amount of people our message has the potential to reach.15

This slide needs some input from MelissaHow can we give the reps some paperwork showing them what our current subscriber list is at.Newsletter


Set expectations

Set expectations

And most importantly set expectationsNew program special

We want to make sure to set the expectations. 1. This can not be pieced out, It is one package 2. This is a new program and is set at a new program price. Let them know for being the first to come on board they receive this price, but make them aware it is likely to go up in the future so they should try it now.


Bundled together for 4 week increments

Cheaper if they buy multiple months

Cheaper if they buy an online ad as wellThe package

We will be selling this in 4 week increments at $200 a month

$500.00 for a 3 month package (high as we go)

or $150+banner ad price to get exposure on