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ExploringLiju Raj PillaiCEO, Perfomatix Solutions Pvt Ltd


TopicsWhat to expect from the talkWhy JavaScript is relevant?Before diving in to AngularJSWhat is AngularJSCore concepts of AngularJSWhen to use AngularJSWhat nextDemonull What to expect from this talk?

Why JS is relevant ? JavaScript is around since 1995Considered to be second class AjaxjQuery,underscoreModern browsers Better JS engines

Before diving in to AngularJS JavaScript(of course !!!)Model View Controller patternWhy MVC ?Server side MVCClient side MVCSPA Single Page ApplicationFramework vs LibraryWhat is AngularJSClient-side frameworkDeveloped and maintained by Google.Provides client side MVC capabilities.PhilosophyDeclarative code is better than imperative Testing in equal importance to app writingDecouple client side from server sideIdeal for SPASample ApplicationnullAngularJS Hello WorldModulesDivides web application into small,reusable componentsControllers,Filters,Directives etc can be declared inside a moduleYou can package code as reusable modulesModules can be loaded in any orderUnit tests only have to load relevant modulesModulesCREATING AN ANGULAR JS MODULE