Enterprise Appium by Experitest - Enhance your Existing Appium Testing

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Enterprise Appium by Experitest


2De Facto Industry Standard for Mobile TestingWorldwide customer base of Fortune 500 companies, thousands of users, tests running 24/7


Enterprise Appium by Experitest

A commercial, enhanced version of the Appium open-source suitable for large-scale Enterprise deploymentsScales local automation to an enterprise-wide environment

Adds remoting capabilities critical for offshore teamsEnables quick & easy set-up and scripting

Increases functionality and performance

Offers full, customizable reportingProvides device application and user management

Immediate support for new operating systems

Enterprise level support3


Full support for your existing Appium tests Out of app testing: WiFi, SMS verification, Facebook, redirect to browser, springboardFinger and face authentication testing Image injection testing : check scanning, QR code scanningAudio injection testing: Siri integrations, voice commandsMonitors battery, CPU and memoryTests network conditions and on-the-move scenarios

Enterprise Appium by ExperitestEnhances Functional & Performance Capabilities of Appium



Enables remoting capabilities for enterprise teams in multiple locations Centralized management of devices, team members, applications and reportingRuns large scale Parallel Execution of tests on an unlimited number of devices Allocates devices dynamically based on criteria (OS version, model, etc.)Reduces testing costs, and shortens time to marketEnterprise Appium by ExperitestScales Local Automation to an Enterprise-Wide Environment



Easily allows remote access to real devices located in a mobile device lab Enables different teams across the globe to work on the same devices Provides admins with device, application and user management capabilitiesOnboard additional team members quickly from a large pool of offshore talentEnterprise Appium by ExperitestAdds Remoting Capabilities Critical for Offshore Teams



Works on a Windows machine with iOS and Android devices (no need for Mac)Connect multiple Android, and iOS devices to a single Windows or Mac machineOne click installation with an executable fileReporting included out-of-the-boxMass parallel execution included out-of-the-box No need for third-party integrations (Selenium grid, reporting systems, etc.) Enterprise Appium by ExperitestEasy Set-up and Quick Onboarding



Solution Set-up

USB Cable



PEnterprise Appium by Experitest

Enterprise Appium by ExperitestView Device Reflection for Simple Scripting Enjoy full control of the device with a device reflectionUse a recorder for quick test script creationIdentify object properties with object spyBegin testing without mastering many technologies (Java, OO, XPath etc.)




Manage devices by scheduling device reservations and filtering device selectionsManage applications with mass installation, download and clean up Manage projects by assigning users, devices and applications for specific projectsManage users by defining user roles, permissions and device access

Enterprise Appium by ExperitestProvides Device Application and User Management



Auto generates detailed reports of every step of a test Provides a summary report of all your executionsReports include videos and screenshots of the executionFully customizable reporting formatReports are shareable between testing teams and managementEnterprise Appium by ExperitestOffers Full, Customizable Reporting



Full Enterprise level support, 24/7 with committed SLAFull Roadmap visibilityCommitment to a bug fix timelineRoadmap consideration, new features request

Enterprise Appium by Experitest24/7 Support, full Visibility to Roadmap



Why Enterprise Appium by Experitest?Immediate Support for New Version of IOS and AndroidImmediate support for new versions of iOS and android including beta versionsBackward compatibility of tests from older to new versions of iOS and Android



Why Enterprise Appium by Experitest?Manual Testing Capabilities on Remote devices View the device screen and control the device from any standard web browser Perform any gesture on a device using your mouse and keyboard Generate reports with screenshots and videos of every step of the testShare live device sessions between QA and Development teams14



15Automation toolSame test runs on different devicesPlugs into all testing & continuous integration environmentsNetwork virtualization tool for testing applications under real network conditions

Full and complete integration into LoadRunner Monitor performance of your mobile application on real devices, while the back-end server is loaded with mobile or web traffic, generated by LoadRunner

Device Lab located onsite (in the customer VPN)Devices can be reserved and accessed by any remote userFull DevOps capabilities - QA Automation, manual QA and development

SeeTestCloud Onsite

SeeTestCloud OnlineMobile device lab hosted by ExperitestDedicated devices for the use of a specific customer




Web-based access to remote mobile devices located in your onsite device lab (SeeTestCloud)Productivity tool for manual usersReport with screenshots and videos of each step

SeeTestManualSeeTestAutomationSeeTest NetworkVirtualizationMobile Add-on for LoadRunner

MView, plan and schedule your suites execution running on the cloudWork on a large number of devices in parallelSeeTestGridEnd-to-End Solution for Mobile DevOps


A commercial, enhanced version of the Appium open-source suitable for large-scale Enterprise deploymentsEnterprise Appium

PAutomation Functional


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