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Enhancements in eResource Scheduler 4.0.1

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eResource Scheduler is a multi-user resource scheduling, planning and management software that can be used by the organizations (irrespective of their size) to schedule, plan and manage their resources / projects and improves the productivity. eResource Scheduler includes bunch of features, some of them are: - Drag n Drop Functionality - Recurrence Booking Functionality - Export Booking Chart to MS Excel - Configurable Project Fields - Configurable Reports - Import/Export through MS Excel - Facility to define Task and Location at project level - Multiple Filters to make the search more specific - Different Options to Organize the Data on Grid and many more... We (ENBRAUN) provide an unrestricted free trial for 14 days. In this presentation, we have tried to include maximum enhancements that have been made in this new version update. To know more about the new features, kindly visit our website ( or just drop us an e-mail at [email protected]

Text of Enhancements in eResource Scheduler 4.0.1

  • 1. Software Release Update eResource Scheduler 4.0.1 2014 Enbraun. All Rights Reserved. Presented By Palash Kothari

2. 2014 Enbraun. All Rights Reserved. Enhancements 1. Booking Chart Recurrence Functionality Export to Excel Functionality 2. Admin Screen Project Fields Tab 3. Project Screen New Fields New Tabs in Project Profile window New Filters 4. General New Organize By Options New Filters 3. To repeat a single booking again and again (whether daily, weekly, monthly or yearly), this functionality can be used. It will repeat the booking as per the recurrence pattern decided. This functionality can be used at the time of booking creation. It reduces the time consumed in creating a single booking on a resource again and again. 2014 Enbraun. All Rights Reserved. Recurrence Booking Functionality 4. Export To MS Excel Screenshot above shows the exported booking bars into MS Excel 2014 Enbraun. All Rights Reserved. 5. 2014 Enbraun. All Rights Reserved. Project Fields Tab in Admin screen Project Fields section lists all the configurable fields of project form. Administrator can rename fields and configure their values as per organizations requirement. These fields help in properly capturing project information and in filtering, grouping and organizing projects. 6. 2014 Enbraun. All Rights Reserved. New Fields in Project Profile Window 7. 2014 Enbraun. All Rights Reserved. Task tab facilitates task level scheduling on reports. Location tab facilitates location level scheduling. Task and Location Tab in Add Project Window 8. 2014 Enbraun. All Rights Reserved. New Filters on Project Screen Note: These fields can be modified from Admin Module. 9. Task and Location Filters in Booking Filter 2014 Enbraun. All Rights Reserved. General Enhancements New Options in Advanced Filter Search New Filters in Booking Filter 10. New Options to organize data on the grid 11. 2014 Enbraun. All Rights Reserved. Website: Contact us: [email protected] THANK YOU

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