100% focused on delivering telecom solutions for: Equipment Manufacturers System Integrators Service Providers Software Providers www. velankani.com

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velankani are one of the leading services provider in cloud solutions,embedded software solutions,embedded system development,embedded software development,embedded software developer,company,companies. Call Us - 732-412-1258 Website - www.velankani.com Mail Id - [email protected]

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100% focused on delivering telecom solutions for:

Equipment Manufacturers System Integrators Service Providers

Software Providerswww. velankani.com

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Customer Focused, Service Oriented

Formed in 1998, Velankani Communications Technologies is the premier company providing leading-edge, end-to-end, product development solutions exclusively to the telecomunications industry. VCT offers flexible pricing and staffing support, programming and consulting expertise. In our experience providing telecom solutions, we have a documented track record of on-time delivery and fulfillment of contracts.

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Product development from startup to legacy—You dream it, we deliver it

At Velankani we specialize in product development. We can take your market requirements document (MRD) and convert it to a product requirements document (PRD). Or use your systems engineering document (SRS) to architect a solution—design, development, testing, customer trials and support. And of course we add new features to your existing products.

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Solutions for Consulting, Programming, Cloud


Network Management Wireless Network Access Technologies Telepresence/Video/VolP

Cloud Deployment Network Planning Virtualization Optical

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NOCVue Perform Man

NOCVue PerformMan collects and analyzes network performance data, provides key indicators of the network health and monitors network performance trends.

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NOCVue Quick Chassis

• QCBuilder: to build the chassis• QCTester: to test• QCService: professional services to model and integrate chassis• Ability to model and develop one or more chassis• Based on RFC 4133 (ENTITY-MIB) standard Web and Java Swing-based representation of chassis• Well-designed APIs for easy integration• Supports dynamic updates to chassis• Drag and drop modeled components• Dynamic menu options for chassis components such as chassis, slots, cards, ports, LED etc.• Customizable tools tip options• Utility for testing a fully modeled chassis

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Unlike most consultants providing programming support, Velankani Communications Technologies is focused exclusively on the telecom industry. Further, our software consultants and programmers are experienced both in creating software solutions for you, as well as developing off-the-shelf software to solve problems in the ever-evolving telecom industry.

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Our Blog

Managing Smart Grids with Network Management Software

NOCVue CLI Device Management Framework

What is an EMS: a High Level Element Management System Company Tutorial

Implementing a MTOSI Interface

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Business Intelligence

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Case HistoriesCTDI

• Introduction

• Founded in 1975, CTDI is a full-service, global engineering, repair and logistics company providing best-cost solutions to the communications industry. Based in West Chester, PA with 56 facilities worldwide, CTDI serves telecom and cable service providers as well as OEMs. CTDI chose Velankani because they had a proven framework for rapid command development.

• Challenge

• CTDI needed command line interface (CLI) development support for its devices to make them industry compliant. With aggressive internal production and client deadlines, the company

• needed a fast-track solution. CTDI required a partner with the domain expertise and the knowledge to develop command support for their network equipment. The project requirements included a uniform command implementation, a robust CLI framework, and a plug-and-play option for the device platform.

• Solution

• Velankani developed a Cisco-like CLI framework with value-added features, which included password-based user management, file-based log management and session management with default support for Telnet and SSH.

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